Report for Week 1 of May 2023

Weekly Crime Stats 1 May to 7 May 2023

Monday 01 May 2023

09h38 – A Brooklyn petrol station requested assistance for 4 people in a white car waiting to use the bath room. They were given the key but one of the guys went to stand and urinate at the atm. When told he couldn’t do that the guy started to argue and cause a scene.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported on arrival the people had left already.

Tuesday 02 May 2023

19H48 – A Ceres street resident requested assistance for a child aged 16, who seemed to having heart attack. Foaming at the mouth and having seizures 

  • Armed Response dispatched.
  • Control room operator contacted COCT Emergency services, spoke to operator
  • Armed Response confirmed on arrival the child had been taken to the hospital by a resident.

Wednesday 03 May 2023

19h15 – It was reported by a resident that water was running at a Steenbras Street resident 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Resident notified they confirmed someone will come out and check. 
  • Armed Response confirmed resident onsite. Armed Response stood by. 
  • Problem was sorted
  • Armed Response continued with patrols. 

Thursday 04 May 2023

01h13 – A Resident reported two suspects on the premises of a Justin street residence trying to break in then they ran away in the direction of Paaden Eiland.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Control contacted law enforcement who notified SAPS 
  • Armed Response arrived and spoke to the resident who confirmed all in order.

Sunday 07 May 2023

21h10 –A message was received from A Claredon Crescent resident reporting a armed robbery in progress at A Koeberg Road – Barber Shop.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Control contacted law enforcement, spoke to a operator who confirmed SAPS already on route. Ref-656907
  • Armed Response arrived reported the suspects had fled the scene.  SAPS were on scene and also ADT, Star Alarms, Crime Watch, Rapid Response.



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