Report for Week 3 of January 2023

Weekly Crime Stats 16 January – 22 January 2023

Tuesday 17 January 2023

09h28Armed Response Officer reported a male victim approached him and informed him that he was robbed by a male suspect of his cell phone and cigarettes, he pointed the suspect out to our Response officer, he proceeded to the suspects house and confronted the occupants regarding the stolen goods, they went into the house and produced the stolen goods to the Response officer who handed it back over to the victim. All in order

17h42 – Armed Response reported on route to a call there was an accident at Koeberg and Dromedaris requiring SAPS and ambulance. Charmaine Ref 1001515548 was informed

23h49 –A Kings road resident reported suspicious person near Reyger Court area, Fenwick / Corah area, male dark clothing, hoodie and big bag 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response Officers reported all in order 

Wednesday 18 January 2023

11h30 A Daisy Crescent resident phoned in requiring Armed Response regarding an incident in Kettley Way suspicious person jumping over the wall at a Kettley Way residence.

  • Armed Response Officer reported on arrival he found a Daisy Crescent resident with the suspect he informed Armed Response that he noticed that the suspect was jumping from the wall and went to the Kettley way resident who was in the garage he confirmed that he doesn’t know the suspect, Armed Response officer asked the resident if he is going to lay charges, he informed the Armed Response he was not going to lay charges

20h16A Ceres Road resident reported a suspicious white vehicle with 3 males driving slow and very suspiciously and asked that Armed Response to check it out

  • Armed Response dispatched 
  • Armed Response reports no sign of vehicle will do extra patrols 

Thursday 19 January 2023

17h00 - A Palm Springs Resident required assistance for a person who illegally put up tent outside their gate

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reports person has taken down the tent and left all in order

19h32 – An Egret Street resident reported two suspicious persons at the hospital fence in Egret street

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Egret Street resident reported the two persons had made themselves comfortable under a blanket there
  • Armed Response told persons they could not stay there. All in order

Friday 20 January 2023

19h42A Madeira Street resident required Armed Response to check on two cars red and black parked opposite a house and the occupants are their phones, the club guard said they are waiting for a friend

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported no vehicles parked outside all in order

21h32 – A Employee of Knightowl phoned in requiring fire brigade as a house in Donegal street is on fire 

  • Armed Response dispatched 
  • Law Enforcement Amanda ref # 1001518694 was informed of fire, which she said it has been reported already
  • Armed Response reported another house in Donegal Street was also on fire and fire brigade has fire under control, tenants of the Donegal Street residence where told that Armed Response would do extra patrols

22h44 – A Robertson Street resident required Armed Response for an unknown white car parked opposite a resident’s house on the field

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported found driver not feeling well and vomiting Armed Response inquired if he needed assistance if not he must leave the area, which he did

23h05 A Koeberg Road resident required Armed Response some people having a party on the pavement, playing loud music and drinking 

  • Armed Response 
  • Armed Response reported vehicle registration number and informed them to quiet down or law enforcement will be called out.




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