Report for Week 2 of June 2023

Weekly Crime Report - 05 June 2023 to 11 June 2023

Monday 05 June 2023

04h54 –Armed Response reported on patrol a Donegal street residents gate is standing wide open, Armed Response checked premises and confirms site secured a Donagal Street resident and Armed Response attempted to contact the resident.

Tuesday 06 June 2023

06h42 – Armed Response reported in requiring SAPS for a victim hanging from the footbridge in Donegal street who appeared to be deceased. Armed Response waited for Fire & Rescue and SAPS arrived on scene

  • Milnerton SAPS was informed
  • Armed Response reported Fire and Rescue on scene as well as SAPS
  • Resuming Patrols

Wednesday 07 June 2023

02h05 – A da Gama Street resident reported a there was a gentlemen taking items from one of the houses across from the church Da Gama Street

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response confirms also receiving a call from another Da Gama street resident reporting someone taking stuff from a front yard but saw it was old pallets that was taken
  • Reports All in order resuming patrols

06h47 – A Silverboom Huis resident required Armed Response for suspicious person sitting outside premises with a trolley and black bags

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported removed suspicious person all in order


10h20 A Haarlem Street resident requested an ambulance for a 50 years old year old female with a history of epilepsy and high blood pressure she had a seizure and is now lying on floor recovering and her limbs are stiff, possible heart attack or stroke.

  • CoCT informed ref # 1001655126 
  • Control contacted CoCT for an ETA they confirm might take a while
  • Resident confirms they will try to put the patient in the car and take her to Albow Gardens Clinic
  • Client confirms they got the lady into to car and are taking her to Albow Gardens Clinic
  • CoCT was informed and ambulance cancelled

14h33 – A Maderia Street resident requested Armed Response as suspect from Linnet Street was threatening him with a knife

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported suspect is drunk and his wife is trying to calm him
  • Armed Response requested SAPS in case he gets violent
  • Law Enforcement was informed SAPS IR 805607, LE ref # 1001656515

18h04 – A Kings Road Resident required Armed Response assistance as there is someone burning plastic by Zorgvliet and Kings Road side

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported checked the whole area no sign of smoke or fire
  • Kings Road Resident was informed also reported cannot see any more smoke



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