Report for Week 2 of January 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 08 January to 14 January 2024

Thursday 11 January 2024

00h56 – A Paarden Eiland resident reports four suspects running from his premises. No visible damage or theft from the premises. SAPS were called and were in-route. When another patrol was done by Armed Response and the resident they noted an item which belongs to the premises, which was leaning against the neighbouring wall.  Item was taken and put back inside the premises.

20h28 – A Brooklyn complex requested Armed Response assistance

  • Armed Response dispatched 
  • Shift senior was contacted and he informed us a young male resident is wielding a knife threatening the residents. Suspect is highly agitated. Armed Response officers updated to the situation. 
  • On arrival Armed Response asked the residents to please leave the scene and notices that the suspects mother is injured. Armed Response calms the suspect down and then tends to the mother’s injury. No ambulance needed.  The suspect becomes aggressive and starts chasing residents with knife again. Armed Response Officers chased the suspect the suspect drops knife while running and then disappears into the complex. 
  • Control room operators contact SAPS. – REF – 1001877216. Armed Response Officers report they are looking for the suspect
  • Suspect located in the front of the complex by the main gate. 
  • Shift senior has the suspect checked for weapons again before being allowed back into the complex. 

20h31 – A Paarden Eiland resident requests assistance for multiple suspects breaking into a local business

  • Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 contacted and informed, both in-route
  • Alphas report positive break in. Bags with metal retrieved, no suspects on premises. Alphas do a premises check of the area, AIO. Resident also informed. 

Saturday 13 January 2024

23h43 – On Patrol Armed Response noted a male suspect wielding a knife, looking into houses. Armed Response monitors the suspect for a while no more suspicious behaviour. Armed Response Officers report three SAPS vehicles in Linnet Street. Armed Response informs SAPS of the suspect and they confirm it sounds like a suspect that they are looking for. Armed Response and SAPS search the area but no sight of the suspect. 

Sunday 14 January 2024

02h56 – A Brooklyn Service Station requested Armed Response assistance

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival petrol attendants reported four male suspects in a red VW Polo, attempted to break in cashier’s office and a vehicle on the premises. Attendants were threatened, suspects were armed with knives. Two suspects fled in the polo and two fled on foot, one had on a red jacket and red pants. Armed Response is in pursuit so try and catch up with the suspects
  • SAPS called spoke to ref-1001879660
  • SAPS in-route

04h12 – A Rugby resident called in to report a break at a Kiln Street. Control room operator confirmed the Kiln street residence is a non-client. Apparently suspects broke in through the garage and are still on scene

  • SAPS contacted ref-1123007. 
  • SAPS confirms they will do a premises check.
  • Made contact with the owner to inform them of the break in. 
  • Armed Response confirms on arrival a positive break-in no suspects on site. 
  • Armed Response reports SAPS on site returning to patrols




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