Report for Week 1 of January 2023

WEEKLY CRIME REPORT 2 January to 9 January 2023

Monday 02 January 2023

17h42 -  Frank Robb resident requested Armed Response and Ambulance as her boyfriend broke her arm.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response officers requested SAPS assistance as boyfriend became aggressive. Boyfriend left the scene. 
  • Law Enforcement contacted.  Ref 1001500886, spoke to Charlene. 
  • Ambulance requested for 32-year-old pregnant lady with broken arm.
  • Armed Response leaves scene the resident and her mother took Uber to Somerset Hospital.

22h35 - Armed Response requested by a Claredon Street Resident for a suspect either taking or putting something in the drain at the stop street.  Walked toward the main road with a bag.  Then was near the electricity box at the house shop. 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response Officers checked drain and in Claredon Street and found All in Order 

Tuesday 03 January 2023

11h40 - Frank Robb client requested Armed Response could assist with retrieving her keys that her boyfriend threw on the roof of a Frank Robb home on the previous night when she was assaulted. 

  • Armed Response responds and requests to retrieve the key from the resident of the Frank Robb home.
  • Armed Response feedback - Resident refuses, control contacted SAPS to assist to retrieve the key 
  • SAPS Maitland says they will send a vehicle when one is available.  Ref.  1001501533, spoke to Llewlyn.

Saturday 07 January 2023

16h10 - Piet Grobler resident requested Armed Response to Standby for a Tenant eviction.  Room to be cleared by Ken, and all belongings removed.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported back – tenant was not at home and belongings was taken out by owner and put outside for tenant to collect later 

22h44 - Piet Grobler resident requested urgent Armed Response assistance as evicted tenant has returned.  Resident contacted Armed Response directly.

  • Armed Response requested immediate SAPS or LE support as evicted tenant is acting extremely hostile, and threatening.
  • LE Contacted for SAPS and/or LE assistance.  Ref no. 1001505771 (Could not complete call to ask operator name.
  • Contacted SAPS Maitland and Sgt Tshepo said they will send a vehicle ASAP.
  • Contacted Alpha 2 and informed him of situation.  Alpha 2 confirms Armed Response officers can respond to calls, but return to monitor situation at Piet Grobler.
  • Armed Response confirms he will be stranding down at Piet Grobler as situation has calmed down.  Evicted tenant was warned not to make trouble. 
  • Armed Response resumes normal patrols and duties.

Sunday 08 January 2023

  • 16h30 - Kettley Way resident requests Armed Response to check suspicious vehicle on corner Kettley Way and Koeberg Road. 
  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported it was an Uber driver awaiting a passenger.

18h32 - Community Resident requests patrols along Koeberg Road between 5am and 06:30am, as her son in law was recently mugged and assaulted there. 

  • Informed her Armed Response will check as per availability.




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