Report for Week 4 of July 2023

Weekly Crime Report  17 July to 23 July 2023

Friday 21 July 2023

12h38 – A Kings Road Resident sent a message on WhatsApp requesting Armed Response assistance with a suspect stealing burglar bars from another Kings Road residence

  • Armed Response dispatched and informed of the situation
  • On arrival Armed Response officers requested SAPS at the Kings Road premises a suspect was cutting off the burglar bars
  • SAPS was informed

Saturday 22 July 2023

04h20 – A Madeira Street Resident reported a positive break-in two houses down from him he couldn’t give the number of the house and suspects were walking down the road with a trolley

  • Armed Response was dispatched and informed of the situation
  • Armed Response reported they found a person with a trolley in the street but this person came from the beach only had personal items in his trolley
  • Armed Response reported there was an attempted break-in nothing was stolen and no SAPS is needed as the resident said he will sort it out himself
  • Armed Response left scene and resumed duties

Sunday 23 July 2023

11h58 – Alpha 2 reported a Donegal Street resident contacted him and said his house was broken into and his was daughter robbed

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Control Room contacted the resident to confirm details
  • CoCT Emergency contacted ref # 1001696559 confirms SAPS busy but will attend when free
  • Control notifies the resident and advised them to go to Milnerton SAPS to open a case
  • Reported to us by the victim suspects gained access to the property, over powered the victim by putting a bag over her head. There was a dog on premises suspects rendered the dog unconscious
  • It was reported there were 2 suspects involved and the victim could not say if they were driving a car. 
  • Armed Response received a description of suspects did a check in the area no suspects found 
  • All Armed Response officers followed up and reported victim said SAPS were on scene and took their statement



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