Report for Week 4 of April 2022

Crime report 19 April – 25 April 2022

Monday 18 April 2022

00h06 Patrol vehicle reported while on patrol in Kings Road he saw a bravo male lying face down in the road on the side of the road, covered in blood 
- SAPS dispatched 
- Emergency services notified
- Contacted Law enforcement Tangelo REF 1001218718 (due to SAPS not being available)
- 01:06 Emergency services arrived
- Report back is that the bravo male appeared to have being stabbed. Transported to Somerset Hospital for further medical attention.

20H13 – De Mist Street reported that a Silver Tow truck in Ysterplaat and De Mist street broke into their neighbour’s vehicle and stole the spare wheel. No number plate of the tow truck was available
- De Mist Street reported it’s a white male that is driving the tow truck and breaking into cars to steal the spare wheels
- Armed response dispatched 
- Armed Response reported checked the area but never saw the Silver Tow truck, further patrols were conducted in the area

Tuesday 19 April 2022

03h30 – Patrol vehicle reported a sink was dumped on the side of the road and its broken up into pieces. Lying outside 4 Donegal street . C3 was logged REF 911 2577377

14H59 – Control received a call from client in Farnsworth Road requesting assistance a domestic dispute.

- Armed response dispatched
- Armed response arrived and request SAPS
- No reply by Milnerton SAPS 
- Contacted 10111 no reply
- Armed response reported problem solved and no need for SAPS

01H02 - Control Room reported on one of the community cameras four suspicious people with hoodies walking down Da Gama street.
- Armed Response dispatched
- On arrival armed response found the 4 males with hoodies by the Spaza shop trying to gain entry. The 4 males ran in different directions on approach of the Armed Response vehicle
- Armed Response reported it did not appear that entry was gained and all seemed to be in order.  

Wednesday 20 April 2022

09h09 – Patrol vehicle removed a displaced person sleeping in front of the shops in Dromedaris Street

10h26 – Ryk street reported to Control a vagrant shouting and screaming in the street
- Armed response dispatched
- The vagrant removed himself on arrival of the Armed Response officer
19h40 - Corah street requested medical assistance 
- Emergency services were notified and dispatched. Emergency services confirmed that they are already aware of the situation and a vehicle is on route.
- Client was also informed

Friday 22 April 2022

10h33 – Santos Street requested a response for rude kids in the street
- Armed response was dispatched 
- Armed response on arrival reported that no kids were seen, all quiet and all appeared to be in order.

15h03 – Client from Chamois street reported to the Control Room that another client in Koeberg Road needed medical assistance for a possibility of being poisoned 
- Armed Response was dispatched 
- Emergency services notified 
- Armed Response on arrival also again requested urgent emergency services 
- Armed Response stopped an ambulance on the Koeberg Road and took them to the scene. Client was transported to hospital for further follow-up

00h01 – Patrol vehicle reported that while on patrol in Corah Street he noted that an emblem was removed from one of the vehicles parked in the street
- The client was informed about this

04h27 – Control noted suspicious activity in Da Gama Street on one of the community cameras 
- Armed Response dispatched 
- On arrival armed response reported a white vehicle parked on the pavement with guys sleeping inside. They had come from one of the houses in Da Gama Street

04h29 – Control Room noted flames under the railway bridge on one of the community cameras in Donegal Street
- Armed Response dispatched 
- On arrival found a displaced person burning copper wire
- The fire was extinguished and the person was asked to leave the area

12h22 - Robertson Road requested Armed response to meet another security company following an alarm activation and a report of a housebreaking incident 
- Armed response dispatched 
- On arrival reported a housebreaking and theft 
- Access was gained via a side window 
- A TV, DVD player were among the items stolen
- Contacted SAPS – no reply
- Contacted Law enforcement spoke to Marsha REF 1001283006 they contacted SAPS REF – 1977107

Sunday 24 April 2022 

15:17 - Illegal dumping of a couch at Avondrus park C3 logged REF 9112609372 
- Armed response was dispatched 
- Armed response reported that he found the 2 boys and asked them to remove the couch
- The 2 boys reported that someone had dumped the couch in front of their house so they took it and dumped it in the park but they will remove it

15h29 – Control Room noted on a community camera in Avondrus Street that there is a vagrant lying on the side of the road scratching in the drain. The drain lid was standing open
- Armed response dispatched
- Armed response arrival and told the vagrant to close the drain and leave the area which he did

19h29 – Narwhal Street request response to a suspicious vehicle on the corner of Narwhal and Chamois
- Armed Response was dispatched 
- Vehicle departed on arrival of the armed response


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