Report for Week 1 of March 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 04 March to 10 March 2024

Friday 08 March 2024

14h06 – Armed Response was flagged down by a passer-by he reported he was robbed in Curlew street a few minutes prior

  • Suspect vehicle a White Toyota Corolla - Unknown Plates 
  • Victim advised to go to nearest SAPS and report
  • Armed Response will be on alert for said vehicle
  • 2 male suspects
  • 1 wearing black jacket and 1wearing black vest in their Mid-30s

16H35 – A female victim called in to report she was assaulted by a suspect driving a black BMW 

  • 1 male suspect and 1 female
  • Assaulted 3 female’s victims 1 was beaten badly 
  • Neighbourhood watch on the scene

23h01 –A Daisy Circle resident requested Armed Response for People fighting and running up Settlers way Estoril

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On Arrival Armed Response requested SAPS due to suspects in a bakkie chasing a guy down Daisy Circle and wanting to shoot him as they were armed 
  • Milnerton SAPS was contacted spoke to a Constable who spoke to Armed Response officers and said they have 1 vehicle available and busy in Dunoon all quite in area now
  • The victim had jumped into a yard in Daisy Circle and was hiding on the roof of a Daisy Circle residence and was too scared to come out
  • Armed Response Officers reported the suspects with the bakkie left the area and Armed Response asked permission to escort the victim to Milnerton Police station
  • Armed Response was informed that the residents of the residence at Daisy Circle would transport the victim to Milnerton SAPS
  • Armed Response reported the victim reported he knew the guys who wanted to shoot him 
  • All quite in area 
  • Armed Response resumed patrols

Sunday 10 March 2024

00h44 - Armed Response assistance requested

  • A Brooklyn Complex resident phoned in requesting SAPS and Armed Response as a lady in the complex was shouting for help
  • Armed Response and Milnerton SAPS were informed
  • On arrival Armed Response reported a wife came home drunk and start fighting with her husband, her husband wanted to take the child with him in his car she refuses and was also naked, they started shouting at each other Complex onsite security and SAPS took over and tried to calm the situation
  • Armed Response left site and resumed patrols




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