Report for Week 4 of September 2022

Weekly Crime Stats 19 September to 25 September 2022

Tuesday 20 September 2022

16h09 – Alpha 1 reported a man unconscious in his car on corner of Boundry and Koeberg rd. Seems the man may have overdosed. An Ambulance was called. Spoke to Joe he logged the call for ambulance assistance. CA111505 – Silver Hyundai Getz.

Thursday 22 September 2022

07h44 –  A call from Princess Alice road, requesting assistance. Her grandson who is not allowed on the property, has jumped over the wall. 

  • Armed Response dispatched. 
  • Law enforcement was also contacted. 
  • Armed response confirmed SAPS was on scene and was handling the situation. The suspect had already fled the scene.

10h29 – Client from Santos required assistance for 3 men who jumped into their yard.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response confirmed on arrival the suspects had fled. 3 males had jumped into client yard. Wearing blue overalls with grey markings the clients reported the suspects were armed. 
  • Armed Response confirmed he would do extra patrols in the area and look out for the suspects.

Saturday 24 September 2022

08h28 -  Armed Response reported while standing at display point. He saw the suspect from the Princess Alice road incident on Friday heading back toward his premises which he is not allowed at. 

  • Armed Response informed him that he is not allowed there. He then got aggressive after the client asked him to leave and then also threatened the Armed response officer with a screwdriver and a brick and hit the back of the window. 
  • SAPS was also called and when they arrived threatened them
  • Suspect then tried to flee the scene he was apprehended and is now in SAPS custody. 
  • Client went with SAPS to lay a charge against suspect. SAPS Vehicle – BTV 501.

11h14 – S.I.S Control reported alarm opening activation at 1 Umyawo Business Park. 

  • Armed Response dispatched. 
  • Armed Response reported after doing an inspection all in order. No windows open, burglar bars intact, also made contact with Taariq from Roadworks, who said the owner had just left when Armed Response arrived.
  • Feedback was given to S.I.S control Tumelo.



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