Report for Week 2 of December 2023

Weekly Crime Report - 04 December to 10 December 2023

Wednesday 06 December 2023

12h50 – Armed Response was stopped by a Justin Street resident.  Apparently he noted a suspect tampering with a car parked across the road and the suspect fled when he was approached. 

  • Armed Response checked the vehicle and noted no visible damage or theft from vehicle but noted bonnet slightly open
  • Armed Response contacted the vehicle owners place of employment and notified them
  • Owner checks vehicle and confirms no damage or theft however bonnet latch was broken 
  • Armed Response given a description of the suspect and will be on lookout

Thursday 07 December 2023

09h20 – A Fenwick Street resident requested a female vagrant be removed from the pavement across from their premises

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reports vagrant has become aggressive and refuses to move.  Law Enforcement requested
  • Armed Response Officers report the vagrant threw a brick at them hitting one officer on her left foot. 
  • OPS instructed Armed Response Officer to detain the vagrant for assault, and confirms he is in-route to assist
  • CoCT Emergency contacted.  Spoke to Mushfika
  • Armed Response takes vagrant to Maitland SAPS, and will drop her off there 

Friday 08 December 2023

19h47 - Armed Response reports a fire in Vasco Park

  • Armed Response Officer told vagrants to put the fire out
  • Fire Department contacted 
  • Fire Department arrives on scene, contacts Control and reports no fire on scene

20h19 - Armed Response reports another bonfire in Vasco Park

  • CoCT Emergency contacted Ref:  1001839841 
  • Confirmed Law Enforcement and Fire Department contacted and dispatched

Saturday 09 December 2023

23h15 – A Daisy Circle resident requested Armed Response assistance for a Farnworth Street resident apparently a male suspect is attacking a female and her child.  Both are screaming for help.

  • Armed Response dispatched to assess and report ONLY 
  • Armed Response arrives on scene and reports it seems the suspect has stabbed the female and is attempting to stab the child
  • CoCT Emergency contacted Ref:  1001841164. Confirmed SAPS, Metro and Ambulance notified and in-route
  • Armed Response reports NHW arrives on scene
  • Tenant of premises reports to Armed Response that he was also assaulted and stabbed, and the suspect threatened to get his friends to attack him
  • Armed Response reports SAPS on scene
  • Armed Response reports Ambulance on scene
  • Armed Response reports suspect arrested.  Charges of assault opened.  Female has multiple injuries.  Child has no visible injuries, but is traumatized.
  • Armed Response resumes normal duties





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