Report for Week 3 of July 2022

Crime and response report 11-18 July 2022

Tuesday 12 July 2022

12h49   Koeberg Road requested assistance a man jumped over the fence and threw stuff from the neighbour’s premises.

• Armed Response dispatched.
• Armed Response requested SAPS assistance as the guy seems to be highly drugged.
• Maitland SAPS contacted. No answer 
• Armed Response managed to flag down Law Enforcement as they passed by. And they gave the man a warning then left.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

13h05   Koeberg Street requested a patrol as it was discovered that there was an attempted break in on the premises.

• Armed Response dispatched 
• The man that jumped over the fence the previous day had taken out the ladder from the storage space and put it close   to the gate to come back for it but was unsuccessful as      the client found it in time. He had also jumped over into the neighbor's premises, tried to steal water pipes and taps but was also unsuccessful. He did however leave his dirty          clothes behind.

Friday 15 July 2022

10h56   Dr Malan Crescent reported that someone jumped over into the premises and damaged a vehicle.

• Armed Response dispatched 
• Armed Response requested SAPS assistance.
• Maitland SAPS contacted. No answer.
• Milnerton SAPS contacted and they reported they will hand it over to Maitland SAPS as they do not respond to this   zone.
• No confirmation of SAPS arrival at the time the report had been done.

12h12   Koeberg Road reported a theft from the store and requested assistance.

• Armed Response dispatched.
• Armed Response managed to apprehend the suspect and the issue was resolved.

Saturday 16 July 2022

02h32   Blaauwberg Street requested assistance with an intoxicated tenant. He was disturbing the peace, and refused to   comply.

• Armed Response dispatched.
• Armed Response requested SAPS assistance as the tenant was drunk and uncontrollable
• Maitland SAPS contacted. Spoke to Constable Pharaghe
• Armed Response reported SAPS arrived but only gave a warning and said should he cause further issues they should call  SAPS again. 
• Armed Response requested SAPS again as the matter got worse. And the tenant’s belongings were removed from the   property.
• Maitland SAPS contacted spoke to Constable Pharaghe. 
• SAPS arrived and the situation was resolved.

Sunday 17 July 2022

16h22   Koeberg Road requested a patrol for an earlier worker who could possibly be drunk as shift only starts at 18h00

• Armed Response dispatched 
• Armed Response reported the worker did smell like alcohol however they were informed that management would take it   from there.


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