Report for Week 2 of March 2022

Crime report 7 March 2022 - 14 March 2022

Monday 7 March 2022

12h17 – Patrol vehicle reported structures being set up in Madeira Park 

  • C3 was logged REF 9112358102

17h41 – Donegal Street reported a housebreaking 

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • On arrival reported a malicious damaged to property and attempted theft
  • No access had been gained and no items were noted stolen
  • Sergeant Scumbo from Milnerton SAPS were contacted
  • Client to follow-up with SAPS themselves as no vehicle from SAPS responded

Tuesday 8 March 2022

09h28 – Kettley Way requested a patrol for a taxi standing on the opposite side of the road facing the wrong way

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival the driver came back to their vehicle and left via Koeberg Road in the direction of the Milnerton Area

13h53 – Plover Street reported a green vehicle REG CAA 367099 going around asking to buy broken gold. No response needed. Vehicle details were noted for further follow-up

18h30 – Mill Street reported screaming coming from another property in Mill Street

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival reported attempted break-in
  • No access had being gained and nothing was stolen 
  • Further patrols were conducted in the area

19h10 – Farnworth Street requested a response for loud noises heard in the street

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival found all to be quiet and all seemed to be in order

Wednesday 9 March 2022

06h29 – Claredon Crescent requested a patrol for a suspicious bravo male and female walking towards Piet Grobbler Street 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival checked the park and nearby vicinity but no persons were seen 
  • Patrol vehicle sensitized for additional patrols in the area

Friday 11 March 2022

13h08 – Control was notified regarding suspicious activity around Avondrus and Festival Streets. A White taxi and a white Ford circling the area 

  • Armed response was dispatched
  • On arrival no suspicious vehicles were seen
  • Armed Response stood off in the area but did not note any vehicle fitting that description

23h29 – Riverdale Street requested extra patrols due to a theft out of M/V reported earlier that morning between 03:30 – 04:30 

  • Patrol vehicle was notified and extra patrols were done

Saturday 12 March 2022

00h16 – Kings Road requested a patrol for lights seen on the field at the back of Kings Road, during loadsheddng 

  • Armed response dispatched
  • On arrival reported there had been an alarm activation at another premises and the security officer was on the premises with a torch conducting a patrol.

06h21 – Albow Road reported dogs barking continuously and it was out of the norm

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival reported a white male walking up and down in the street. He left on arrival of the Armed Response

09h14 – Donegal Street reported a buss obstructing the traffic flow

  • Armed Response dispatched and requested the person to remove the vehicle and park in a safe manner
  • The vehicle was moved and parked on the pavement
  • After a few minutes the buss moved to a safe area away from pedestrians and other vehicles

12h19 – Albow Road requested Armed response for a suspicious person banging on their front door and requested urgent assistance

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival found a displaced person begging for food
  • The person was asked to leave and complied 

17h44 – Kettley Way reported illegal squatting taking place against the fence at the back on the field. A C3 was logged REF 9112391 

18h22 – Bancroft Street reported children running around with weapons in the street

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival checked the immediate area and Streets but could not locate any kids running around or suspicious activity in the area. All seemed in order

19h17 – Control noted on CCTV a fire on the open field behind Dreyer and Kettley Road 

  • Armed response dispatched
  • On arrival found vagrents cooking food on the open field
  • As this was a fire hazard they were asked to pack-up and leave
  • 2 male vagrents and 1 female vagrant packed up their belongings, put the fire out and left

22h38 – Justin Street requested a response for a commotion outside and an uber had been robbed. 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival reported SAPS already on scene
  • Feedback – Uber driver robbed of cepphone and money. Silver Toyota REG – CF

Sunday 13 March 2022

16h38 – Patrol vehicle followed up with the structure on the open field behind Donegal Street. The structure was still there and another C3 was logged REF 9112399266

15h46– Da Gama Street reported loud music and drinking taking place on the corner of Minnow Street on the side walk of the Church Grounds.

  • Armed response dispatched
  • On arrival spoke to them and asked them to lower their music. They refused to lower their music or stop drinking. A C3 was logged 9112392767
  • Law enforcement was also contact regarding the drinking in public. Spoke to Bongi REF 1001250265
  • After 50 minutes the patrol vehicle reported that the party was being packed up and leaving, nothing further was reported


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