Report for Week 1 of April 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 01 April to 07 April 2024

Monday 01 April 2024

21h17A Justin Street resident reported shouting and hearing shots fired in Justin Street, Milnerton SAPS constable was informed and Armed Response dispatched

  • Armed Response reported he is in Justin Street and the Street is very quiet, people walking up and down and no one stopped him to inform him of any shooting, all in order for now
  • Armed Response reported he did see SAPS in Justin street speaking to the neighbour of the reporting resident SAPS left  the area all quite for now, reporting resident was informed
  • Feedback received about reported shots fired incident in Justin street, Armed Response was flagging down by a gentleman he reported “ he got out of the bus at the MyCity bus stop near Justin street when he saw three suspects trying to hi-jack an uber driver driving a white car no registration number was taken, the hi-jackers stabbed the uber driver, the uber drove off while shots were fire at the vehicle ” 
  • Armed Response reported he cannot confirm if the uber driver was injured and did not get the name of the gentleman who gave him the information.

Wednesday 03 April 2024

04H43 - A Resident of a Rugby Complex contacted Control to report multiple suspects breaking into a vehicle on site.

  • Armed Response despatched and Milnerton SAPS contacted.
  • On arrival – Armed Response noted the gate was off the rails - had to enter on foot.
  • Armed Response made contact with one of the Units residents, and confirmed suspects broke into a White Toyota Corolla (unknown owner) and possibly stole items from inside the vehicle.  Also noted suspects attempted to steal the car battery.
  • Armed Response and Resident then tried to get the gate back onto the rails.
  • Armed Response returned to patrols

05H46 – Armed Response reported while on patrol at a Brooklyn Business a pole in the corner of the property had been moved and on inspection noticed a battery missing from a vehicle.

  • Business Owner was informed

Saturday 06 April 2024

08H03 – On patrol Armed Response Officers reported a motor vehicle accident in River Street

  • Armed Response reported an accident in River street a purple vehicle drove into the fence of A River street residence and into a vehicle parked on the premises 
  • SAPS Maitland was informed of incident, reported they have no vehicle to send to scene, 
  • CoCT emergency was contacted ref no. 1001973436 also reported SAPS said no van available, 
  • Traffic department was informed 
  • Also noted by Armed Response that the licence disk of  the vehicle had expired 28/02/2023
  • No need for ambulance as driver was not injured 
  • Police arrived on seen at 09H20 they were looking for driver he was no were to be found so they asked his brother to contact him to come back he returned at 09H28 he was arrested on site 
  • The River Street Resident was escorted by SAPS to open up a case 
  • Driver failed to produce driver licence and or up to date licence disk
  • Armed Response left scene 




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