Report for Week 1 of March 2022

Crime report 28 February 2022 -  7 March 2022

Monday 28 February 2022

04h36 – Kings Road requested assistance.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response arrival and requested the SAPS for further follow-up Captain Demas
  • Armed Response assisted and hand over to the SAPS on arrival 

08h40 –  Corah street requested assistance.

  • Armed Response dispatched 
  • On arrival Armed Response assisted with a domestic dispute and problem was resolved, no need for the SAPS

12h57 – Patrol vehicle reported while on patrol was informed of a housebreaking in Piet Grobler Street and requested the SAPS.

  • Front gate had not being secured, 2 unknown males entered the property and stole furniture to the value of an undisclosed amount. Further patrols were conducted in the area

13h45 – Bancroft Street requested a response for an intoxicated male being rowdy.

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • On arrival requested the person to leave the area, the person complied and left without further problems

Tuesday 01 March 2022

06h23 – Koeberg Road requested assistance for an intoxicated displaced person sleeping on their property

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival the displaced person was asked to leave and they complied 

15H27 – Magnolia Estoril reported a black vehicle parked in the Street and appeared to be watching vehicles and houses in the area

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • On arrival the Armed Response was monitoring the black vehicle and left after a few minutes. Registration number kept for record purposes but not shared

18h10 – Princess Alice reported drugging and rowdy behaviour taking place in the lane between Blaauwberg and Princess Alice.

  • Armed response was dispatched
  • Armed response reported persons left on their arrival 

19h05- Patrol vehicle requested assistance for intimidation in Donegal Street. 

  • Armed response and SAPS dispatched
  • The group of people left prior to SAPS arriving. SAPS was not cancelled and arrival over 1 hour later for further follow-up

19h09 – Patrol vehicle requested Milnerton SAPS for a client was assaulted in Madeira Street park. Milnerton SAPS was contacted spoke to Captain Nadu.

19h40 – Madeira Street requested a patrol for two males sitting in front of the garage door. 

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • On arrival one person on crutches was found on the property and told to leave, they complied and left

Wednesday 02 March 2022

00h25 – Donegal requested a patrol for a white bakkie with an open canopy 

  • Armed response was dispatched
  • Upon arrival Armed Response monitored the vehicle and it departed after a few minutes. Registration kept for record purposes      

08h08 Client requested assistance corner Da Gama and Forridon Street for suspicious activity. Someone jumped over the wall of a Knightowl client.

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Client was contacted, client confirmed that no one had entered their property
  • Armed Response arrival and secured the premises. No suspects was found on the property or in the immediate vicinity. Further patrols were conducted in the area.

21H00 – Kings Road reported a vehicle stolen between 02h00 – 04h00. Extra patrols were requested and the patrol vehicle was sensitized. 

23h50 – Koeberg Road reported a truck idling and obstructing traffic on the corners of Koeberg and Section Street at the interchange.

  • Armed response was dispatched 
  • On arrival reported the truck blocking traffic an requested the traffic department - Law Enforcement also contacted spoke to Priscilla Ref – 1001240687 and logged a C3 Ref – 9112336359.
  • The truck left a few minutes after the officers arrival. Traffic and law enforcement were cancelled

Thursday 03 March 2022

00h30 - Patrol vehicle reported a silver Toyota Corolla Quest involved in an accident in Koeberg Road. Vehicle drove into light pole. A C3 was logged Ref 9112336392. Emergency services were not requested.

02h47 – Donegal request assistance with a female and a male making a noise in the street

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Armed Response reported reported persons left on his arrival. AIO 

09H45 – Patrol vehicle reported illegal dumping of a broken black couch and planks and other rubbish. Logged an C3 Ref 9112337466 illegal dumping was in Koala street.

14h21 – Armed Response requested the SAPS for youngsters suspected of drug use in Madeira Park. Milnerton Saps contacted spoke to Sargent Kruger, confirmed that they will dispatch a vehicle

15h47 – Madeira Street requested a response for vagrants sleeping in Madeira Street Park. Extra patrols to be done .C3 was logged Ref 9112342828.

Friday 04 March 2022 

08h00 – Bancroft street reported criminal activity by his premises. His sliding gate had been removed from the railings. No access seem to have being gained. Extra patrols to be done as per quest. 

19h14- Max Road reported a snake in the grass near the open piece of the Air Force Base property. The snake was reported as a cobra

  • Snake catcher was dispatched
  • On arrival reported no sign of the snake, it was assumed that it went back in the bush

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