Report for Week 1 of August 2022

Crime and Response Report 1 - 7 August 2022

Monday 01 August 2022

20h15   Armed response reported that the owner of the car that was clamped at silver meadows drove off while being clamped which caused damage to the body of the car and ordered armed response and the security at silver meadows to remove the clamp and said she will also be taking the matter to court.

Tuesday 02 August 2022

02h27   Chamois road alarm activated armed response was dispatched. 

  • Armed response reported on arrival that the garage door was broken and the client confirmed gas tank had been stolen.
  • (ref-07) client reported SAPS had been contacted and will contact SAPS again tonight.
  • ref-07,13 – REF -94307 P/O – SEBEKEDI

23H21   Armed response reported a suspicious vehicle parked in Plover street – Opel Lite CA 20551(WHITE)

Wednesday 03 August 2022

05H38   Armed response assistance was requested from John Hedon Road 

  •  Armed Response dispatched 
  •  Armed Response reported that water meter was stolen outside the premises. C3 needed to be logged as client could not stop the water from the main tap.
  •  C3 logged ref – 9113164138.

Sunday 07 August 2022

09h45   Fresh stop employee reported an abusive man is at the store harassing the staff. 

  • Armed response dispatched
  • Armed response reported man lives at Drommedaris and that the incident was also reported to the Drommerdaris security and were told that the man has been banned from fresh-stop. 

20h58   Corah Street resident requested assistance.

  • Armed response dispatched. 
  • Armed response reported at disturbance in Corah street there was arguing and fighting. The man responsible for the commotion was now locked inside the house. Armed response was standing by for any further assistance needed.
  • Armed response reported all quiet at the residence in Corah street. Situation resolved 




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