Report for Week 3 of May 2022

Crime and response report 16 May – 23 May 2022

Monday 16 May 2022

05h12 – Madeira Street reported an attempted theft out of M/V.

• Armed response dispatched.
• Armed response reported a dark blue Honda Ballade was broken into on the opposite side of the of the road CAA 884586

07h36 – Control Room noted vagrants on CCTV dumping on the Donegal / Kettley Road open field

• Armed response dispatched.
• Armed response handled situation on arrival. Vagrants picked up the rubbish and left the area

Tuesday 17 May 2022

04H27 – Control Room noted on a community camera suspicious activity noticed in the Avondrus park.

• Armed Response dispatched
• Armed Response reported 3 bravo males sitting in the park. They left on arrival of the Armed Response. They left in the direction of Narwhal. All seemed to further be in order.

Wednesday 18 May 2022

19h41 – Armed response requested assistance at Corah street.

• Armed Response reported a hi-jacking blue VW Polo
• SAPS was contacted and spoke to constable Mahon. Vehicle would be despatched.
• A1 also standing down in Corah Street
• 20:30 Armed response reported SAPS have not yet arrived on scene.
• Contacted Maitland SAPS, they confirmed no vehicle available but would contact Milnerton SAPS to send a van, and take a statement.

22h30 – Corah Street asked for extra patrols to be done as a suspicious white VW Polo was seen driving up and down the street.

• Armed response dispatched 
• Suspicious vehicle left on arrival of the armed response officer, the vehicle drove off towards Milnerton side

Friday 20 May 2022

05h46 – Santos street reported someone in their garden and requested a response

• Armed Response dispatched 
• Milnerton Saps was contacted and confirmed a vehicle would be dispatched
• Armed Response reported SAPS not on scene yet, suspects name is Earnest Anthony Adams, coloured male age 32. He lives under the railway bridge. 
• 06:25 SAPS on scene – Reg- BVY 208B.
• Armed response reports suspect handed over into SAPS on their arrival

08h50 – Lavis requested Armed response to assist with an eviction

• Armed response dispatched 
• Assisted client on arrival and departed all in order

12h17 – Patrol vehicle reported manhole cover missing in Kiln Road

• C3 was logged ref-9112753613.

Saturday 21 May 2022

07h40 – Patrol vehicle reported missing manhole cover in Vasco street.

• C3 was logged, ref-9112756996

07h45 – Kiln Road, reported a theft out of M/V. Entry gained via driver’s side window that was forced open 2x angle grinders and 1x circular saw were among the items stolen

21h55 – Whatsapp messaged received from client in Daisy Circle requesting assistance in Princess Alice Avenue for a domestic concern. SAPS was also requested.

• Armed Response dispatched
• SAPS was contacted. Spoke to constable Ngaga and confirmed that a vehicle would be dispatched
• Armed response reported situation resolved on arrival of the Armed Response
• SAPS cancelled

Sunday 22 May 2022

15h28 – Patrol vehicle reported while on patrol he noticed a person driving a silver Suzuki was busy servicing a white Nissan hard body. There was brake fluid and oil spills and used oil filters in the bushes at the Bayview soccer club parking. He picked up all the rubbish when requested to do so by the Patrol vehicle

• C3 was logged ref-9112759775.

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