Report for Week 3 of March 2022

Crime report 14 March - 21 March 2022

Monday 14 March 2022

08h53 - Patrol vehicle reported Dumping corner Justin and Kings Road

  • C3 was logged – REF-9112394301

13h28 - Corah street reported a Silver Tazz parked outside their premises 2 occupants sitting inside and appeared to be smoking pipes 

  • Armed Response dispatched 
  • Armed response reported on arrival spoke to the occupants, they were not smoking at the time but were confirmed to be waiting for someone in Corah Street. They left a few minutes later.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

20h08 - Claredon Crescent reported a suspicious vehicle parked outside the Dawood house shop. CA 845271 red Golf. Looked like 4 or 5 guys sitting in the vehicle

  • Armed response dispatched
  • Armed response reported no red vehicle seen on arrival and all seemed in order 

Friday 18 March 2022

17h22 - Patrol vehicle reported a white Mercedes parked in Zalkin road and that the vehicle is on fire (CAA 199098)  

  • Control contacted the fire and rescue, spoke to firefighter Titus. 
  • Patrol vehicle reported that the vehicle had a `for sale` sign in the window
  • The vehicle owner was also notified and informed
  • Fire and rescue arrived about 20 minutes later along with the vehicle owner
  • The fire was extinguished and the vehicle was removed without further damage to property

21h00 - Our Control Room received an alarm activation from a premises in Koeberg Road

  • Armed response dispatched
  • On arrival there was an attempt on one of the windows but no access was gained and nothing was stolen.
  • The client and SAPS arrival for further follow-up. A lightening fast response by the officer ensured that the suspect/s did not have time to force their way into the premises

Saturday 19 March 2022

12h50 - Patrol vehicle reported that 4x pit bulls were running around the area in Lavis Crescent, belonging to (withheld) a C3- 9112428298 - was logged. 

  • SPCA and law enforcement were also notified Yandisa – REF – 100254874.
  • The patrol vehicle reported that a child had already been bitten by one of the dogs before. 

Sunday 20 March 2022

00h13 - The Control Room received a call from Plover street for someone being on their premises. 

  • Armed response dispatched
  • On arrival the armed response searched the area but could not locate the suspect. Further patrols were conducted in the area. No entry had been gained

13h48 – Patrol vehicle reported a mess and rubbish lying on the open field behind Dreyer and Kettley StreeetC3 was logged for the vagrants and the rubbish that they left behind REF- 9112429924

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