Report for Week 4 of January 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 22 January to 28 January 2024

Monday 22 January 2024

22h29 – An Upper Silva Street resident requested Armed Response assistance for a commotion in the area

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival Armed Response noted smoke in the area, once checked response officers noted tyres on fire next to a house in Justin street
  • CoCT contacted and reported fire service in-route
  • Armed Response confirms fire service on site
  • On investigation it was confirmed a vagrant started on the property and the fire got out of hand reaching the garage 
  • An ambulance was requested for a lady with smoke inhalation, no other injuries 
  • Owner of the property opened a case of arson when SAPS arrived on scene
  • Vagrant was arrested 

Tuesday 23 January 2024

09h38 – A Voortrekker Road business requested Armed Response assistance as his premises was vandalized 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response officers reported spoke to the owner who said suspects gained access to the property a radiator for the tractor was stolen, some water pipes and cables were taken from a vehicle that was parked in the back
  • Armed Response did a patrol and reported “vehicle patrol all in order no coms were made with onsite security that were supposed to be on site the light was on and dogs were barking 

Thursday 25 January 2024

13h12 – Received a call from a Milnerton resident requesting Armed Response as there were squatters busy setting up place to stay near the flea market towards Milnerton side

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported on arrival when they saw Armed Response they walked away and left all their goods behind Armed Response said he spoke to some guys standing around there they told him these goods belong to a homeless man Armed Response said they will do extra patrols on site
  • Resident was informed of feedback 

 23h27 – A Fiona Crescent resident reported a shooting that took place in their Street

  • Armed Response dispatched and control room operators contacted law enforcement
  • Law enforcement ref no 1001892067
  • Armed Response reported upon arrival 2 suspects tried robbing a lady her husband had a firearm and open fire on them the victim said the two guys then ran away and dropped the firearm they had
  • Armed Response standing down till SAPS arrived
  • No injuries reported
  • Armed Response reported they were heading to SAPS with the victim to report the incident and hand the firearm over to the police the victim says he will send details to once the docket has been opened

Saturday 27 January 2024

01h00 – A resident of Piet Grobler Street phoned in requesting Armed Response to come and speak to people living on premises as they are talking very loudly and disturbing everyone

  • Armed Response dispatched and informed of the situation
  • Armed Response Officers reported they speak to 2 x ladies in question and requested they please quite down which they said they would
  • Resident was informed of feedback 

01h49 Resident from Piet Grobler Street phoned in again requesting Armed Response again as the same ladies were drinking and talking loudly 

  • Maitland SAPS was informed of the noise complaint
  • Armed Response again requested the people quite down and closed the door so as not to keep disturbing other residents

03h12 –A Piet Grobler Street resident phoned in requesting Armed Response again as people were still being loud and keeping everyone awake

  • Armed was dispatched and informed
  • Maitland SAPS was informed of another noise complaint
  • Armed Response again spoke to the people concerned to please quite down as it was very late and not fair on the other residents

06h52 – The 34 Piet Grobler Street resident requested armed response as another tenant was threatening her

  • Armed Response was dispatched and informed
  • Armed Response arrived on scene spoke to the tenant who threatening to shoot lady of that complained and she is scared 
  • Armed Response requested SAPS
  • Control contacted SAPS informed them
  • Armed Response told the tenant to stay away from the other tenants

Sunday 28 January 2024

10h43 A Bancroft Court resident requested Armed Response and Ambulance assistance for a female victim at the corner of Kiln and Donegal who just consumed a large amount of Rattex.

  • Armed Response dispatched to confirm and assess patient.
  • On arrival Armed Response confirmed patient has taken a large amount of Rattex symptoms are currently cold sweats, shivering, and decreased pulse 
  • CoCT contacted and Ambulance requested.
  • SAPS Milnerton also requested.
  • Ambulance arrives on scene and Armed Response hands patient over to medics
  • Ambulance 38 Reg gfk422g
  • Rat poison found in the patient’s vehicle was in powder form which was mixed with Powerade 
  • Pulse was slow even on arrival and temperatures slightly elevated medics put her on a drip 
  • Armed Response informed Ambulance medics husband or mom not allowed in ambulance as per the patient and also to instruct the hospital as well she said she will call them when she is ready
  • Patient transported to the Hospital

15h05 Control Room Operators noted smoke in Dreyer Street coming from Chest Hospital side. Armed Response also noted the smoke and was in-route to locate the source.

  • Armed Response arrived at Chest Hospital and notes an out of control fire that started at their furnace spreading to the wards. Armed Response investigated and found staff burning papers at the furnace 
  • Staff on site attempting to extinguish the fire which was growing and spreading rapidly and the reeds to the rear of the Chest Hospital also caught fire.
  • Armed Response assisted nurses to evacuate the wards
  • Milnerton Fire Services contacted and they confirmed Fire Trucks in-route
  • Armed Response reported fire service on scene but still assisting with evacuation of patients
  • Armed Response left scene and fire service still on scene





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