Report for Week 2 of May 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 06 May to 12 May 2024

Tuesday 07 May 2024

06h50 – A Palmetto Close resident informed us that the door of the Palmetto Close church has been broken into 

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Armed Response reported the church door was broken and on inspection looks like nothing taken from the church as per the reporting resident but they not sure and will let us know if there is anything stolen so that we can call the SAPS for now SAPS not needed only car battery was taken 
  • Armed Response reported as per the resident nothing else was taken, only a car battery 
  • Armed Response resumes patrols

Thursday 09 May 2024

00h35 – A Brooklyn Complex manager requested Armed Response regarding a disturbance from one of the tenant’s units they were making a scene regarding a person that wants to accompany her to the flat as per regulation visitors is allowed admittance after 22h00 

  • Armed Response was despatched
  • SAPS was contacted regarding the tenant that was making a scene as she is swearing at onsite security 
  • Armed Response arrived at 00:40 and deescalated the situation
  • Armed Response resumed patrols

Sunday 12 May 2024

13h41Armed Response officer while on patrol at a Brooklyn Complex found a Opel Corsa ( Silver ) with a window smashed at the rear of the vehicle parked in a bay outside a unit seems the vehicle belongs to a tenant from that Unit 

  • Armed Response tried to contact the resident to no avail
  • Armed Response did a follow up with the tenant and, reported this happened a while ago and asked Armed Response for extra patrols, he will cover the window with plastic and when armed response dos patrols they must just check if plastic is still intact 
  • Armed Response resumed patrols



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