Report for Week 2 of May 2022

Crime and response report 09 May – 16 May 2022

Tuesday 10 May 2022

06h45 – Donegal Street requested an escort off premises.

• Armed Response dispatched

• Armed Response reported escort completed. All in order

09h00 – Patrol vehicle Armed Response reported while patrols were done at Bancroft street it was found that a Dark Blue Golf, driver side door had been found slightly open.

• Owner located and informed. All in order

Wednesday 11 May 2022

07h40 – Patrol vehicle reported removed vagrants in Dromedaris Street

08h25 – Patrol vehicle reported an abandoned Red Kia Picanto on the corner of Donegal Street and Kettley Way.

• C3 was logged REF 9112695562

12h00 – Illegal dumping reported on the open field at the back of Dreyer Street / Kettley Roads

• C3 was logged REF 9112698438

12h40 – Vagrants roaming around Madeira Park as well as structure erected was reported

• C3 was logged REF 9112698937

Thursday 12 May 2022

08h07 – Patrol vehicle reported water running out from a premises in Farnsworth Street. On investigation discovered a break-in, theft and damage to property

• Key holder was located and was made aware of incident

08h20 – Patrol vehicle reported it has been noticed that there are numerous emergency service vehicles in Koeberg Road

• Patrol vehicle reported that an infant had passed away

09h26 – Patrol vehicle reported squatting and illegal structures in Madeira Park

• C3 was logged REF 9112703957

10h24 – Dreyer Street reported vagrants making fire at the back on the field

• Armed Response dispatched

• Armed Response reported spoke to the vagrants. Fire extinguished and they had left.

Friday 13 May 2022

18h29 – Da Gama Street reported gunshots heard and dogs barking

• Armed Response dispatched

• Armed Response reported it is unknown whether it was a gunshot or backfire but it came from a dark blue Golf

19h22 – Santos Street requested extra patrols. Patrol vehicle informed

20h09 – ER Syfrets Street requested a response as a family member was home alone, they had called and not got a reply

• Armed Response dispatched

• On arrival reported lights are on but no reply

• Client then messaged a few minutes later that the family member was on site and all was in order

21h37 – Claredon Crescent reported a fight at neighbours

• Armed Response dispatched

• Armed Response reported on arrival fighting stopped. All in order

Saturday 14 May 2022

00h06 – Patrol vehicle reported 1x vagrant removed from Drommedaris Street

05h56 – Patrol vehicle reported 1x Vagrant removed from Drommedaris Street.

22h05 – Kings Road requested extra patrols. Armed Response and patrol vehicle informed

Sunday 15 May 2022

19h33 – Plover Street requested patrol for tall man with black beanie by the window

• Armed Response dispatched

• Armed Response reported on arrival man gone. 

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