Report for Week 1 of November 2022

Weekly Crime and Response report 31 October to 06 November 2022

Monday 31 October 2022

19h50 - Kings road client phoned in a requested for assistance. 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response arrived and reported husband and wife were quarreling and the wife was threatening to kill herself.
  • Armed response spoke to both husband and wife and calmed them down. Armed Response said he will patrol past again to make sure all stays in order

Wednesday 02 November 2022

10h36 - Santos street client messaged to report a white vehicle parked at the end of Donegal rd. The client reported the vehicle belongs to a man broke down in the morning in lower Santos street, he went looking for help and his tool box and battery of the vehicle were stolen. Client says that she is worried the car will be vandalized

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported on arrival, that the car is parked in Donegal street and that he was told the vehicle belongs to a Donegal street resident
  • Feedback was given to client from Santos road and she says that was information given about the vehicle is not correct it does not belong to that resident they apparently pushed the vehicle from Santos road to Donegal street.
  • Law enforcement was called to report the Santos street residence claims
  • Law Enforcement said that the resident would have to go to SAPS and report it as there is no proof as the alleged owner of the vehicle is also nowhere to be found. 
  • Law Enforcement also said she can log it with the traffic department but there is no valid reason to call them out
  • Feedback was given to Santos street client

14h30 -  Claredon crescent client sent in a message reporting an armed robbery at the shop on corner Gleniffer and Da Gama street.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported that 5 armed suspects had robbed the shop. They got away with card machine and money
  • SAPS was requested
  • Law Enforcement was called 
  • Call has been logged with saps, REF-1001439619.
  • Armed Response reported Milnerton SAPS on scene. 

Saturday 05 November 2022

06h28 - Piet Grobelaar resident phoned in to request Armed Response assistance as a friend’s phone was stolen.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported the client had a guest spending the night the previous evening and he left before anyone was awake. He stole a Huawei Smart phone when he left
  • Armed Response informed the owner of the phone that he would have to lay a charge with SAPS. 

Sunday 06 November 2022

01H48 - Armed Response reported receiving a call from Madeira crescent resident reporting a break in.

  • Armed Response proceeded to the residence 
  • Armed Response reported upon arrival that there was an attempted break in at Madeira road and that the suspects were already gone when he arrived. 
  • Armed Response reported the residence is vacant. There was a ladder found next to the house which the response officers suspected was used by the suspects to gain access to the roof
  • Armed Response did a patrol in the area but found all in order suspects were gone. 

17H15 – Armed Response reported while on his patrols, there was an incident in Donegal Street 

  • SAPS had already been on scene and arrested both suspects who were shooting each other with gas guns. 
  • Property that was thrown outside was put back in the yard of the premises by Armed Response officers 
  • Reported back to Control all in order.





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