Report for Week 5 of December 2022

Weekly Crime Stats 25 December 2022 to 01 January 2023

Tuesday 27 December 2022

09h09 – Armed Response requested an ambulance for a 58-year-old male by living on the streets, as some kids kicked his leg and looks like it is broken, he is sitting across the road in front of a Koeberg Road residence 

  • Law Enforcement was contacted ref # 1001494577, will send ambulance as soon as one is available
  • Armed Response officer went later to check and informed control room the ambulance took the gentleman to hospital

21h10 – Received a call from a client who reported a few boys had broken into her vehicle

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Armed Response confirmed nothing stolen car belongs to a client 

Wednesday 28 December 2022

05h12 – Armed Response officers reported they found jumper cables outside the Italian Club, Officer says it might belong to a car theft reported

05h13 – Armed Response officers reported on patrol in Madeira road, squatters in the road are busy making a fire

C3 was logged 

Friday 30 December 2022

23h56 – A Ceres Street resident required armed response, heard sounds in his Garden 

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Response officers reported all in order 

Saturday 31 December 2022

23h56 – Alpha Two sent instructions and footage Da Gama Street cameras a non-client needing assistance.

  • We contacted the resident she reported her husband was locking up when 2 males came up to him and pointed a weapon. They took his Vape and got into a white car that stopped in front of the premises
  • The resident said she could not see the registration number of the car
  • The resident declined SAPS involvement at this time

Sunday 01 January 2023

00h35 – ER Syfrets Road, send message someone at their gate walking up and down with a package in his hand and please remove his vehicle a red Toyota starlet CAA 431132, it could be a drug dealer as per client, he is now by the double story house where drugs go in and out

  • Armed Response was informed 
  • Armed Response officers reported Syfrets Road all in order on arrival

20h12 –  Da Gama Street sent WhatsApp, About children in the park in Da Gama street next to the NG Church throwing crackers and dogs are barking and going mad because of the noise

  • Armed Response was informed
  • Armed Response officers reported Da Gama Park seems all in order, no dogs barking and children playing in the park
  • Law Enforcement Charlene ref # 1001499991 informed

21h56 – Forridon Street resident wanted to know who must be informed of kids throwing crackers on the end of Forridon street, I informed her I will call law enforcement

  • Law enforcement Vushi ref # 1001500095

22h37 – Claredon Road sent message requiring armed response to check vehicle at next door neighbor have not seen the car before and check a suspicious person sitting under a tree opposite the road

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Armed Response feedback – Patrol in Claredon all in order car registration checked registration and no suspicious person in street all in order for now



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