Report for Week 3 of December 2022

Weekly Crime Stats 12 December 2022 to 18 December 2022

Wednesday 14 December 2022

19H22 – A Curlew street resident reported a fire at a residence behind the pawn shop at boundary road.

  • Law enforcement were contacted. Fire and rescue were dispatched ref-1001481832

Thursday 15 December 2022

21H19 -  A reported disruptive noise and domestic violence was reported by a client

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Officers reported to Control room operator that SAPS would need to be contacted.
  • SAPS contacted, spoke to SGT Mageba confirmed a van will be sent.
  • Armed Response officers reported SAPS arrived and resolved the situation

21H21 – A King Road resident reported stolen copper taps from the premises. She has footage and says it happened about 10am this morning. She will review the footage and give feedback tomorrow.

Friday 16 December 2022

08H54 – A client from Silverboom huis, Ceres street, requested Armed Response for a suspicious man walking around

  • Armed Response was dispatched, 
  • Feedback given that the gentleman was looking for the neighbor and had the wrong house

11H35 – Claredon Crescent reported a tall man with a denim long shorts and a black jacket standing in front of a pub drinking and checking people out who are passing by.

  • Armed Response was informed
  • Officers reported the suspect had left but is walking towards the main road with another guy who seems to be his accomplice.
  • Claredon street resident reported the suspect came back again and was hanging around
  • Armed Response was informed and will do extra patrols

21H19 – Received a call from a client in Mill street informing us of a suspicious person he noticed on his cameras, a Caucasian gentleman with back-pack hanging around outside the premises during load shedding. The client did send pics and a video of suspect.

  • Armed Response was informed and also put on extra patrols for the evening.

Sunday 18 December 2022

05H10 – Armed Response officers reported a Kettley way garage door open while doing their patrols. Control did try calling client several times but could not get through to anyone. Response officers will do extra patrols.

05H35 – Armed Response reported while doing his patrols, a break in Kiln Road. Officers reported the house vacant no one on the premises and it seems the garage was broken into. Officers did look around but can’t say if anything had been stolen or not.

06H31 – A resident phoned in requiring SAPS as a drunk suspect and fighting with tenants.

  • Law enforcement was called ref-1001435530.
  • Armed Response Officers were informed
  • Armed Response Officers reported a Claredon Road resident called them out for the disturbance inside the premises. The suspect had already left the premises. 
  • Armed Response Officers informed the clients to call if the suspect returns.

08H21 – The Kettley way resident called to inform us the garage door had been closed- All in order.




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