Report for Week 4 of January 2023

Weekly Crime Stats 23 January 2023 –  29 January 2023

Monday 23 January 2023

01H42: A Curlew Street resident requested Armed Response, as they say the dogs are going crazy, not sure if there is fighting in the street, as it is load shedding, and loud shouting can be heard.

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Armed Response reported people from Curlew Street took their daughter to the hospital, as she had a nervous breakdown. All in Order

07H40:  Armed Response reported that a suspect had been caught stealing at Caltex Freshstop Garage

  • He apprehended her and made her pay for the goods that she tried to steal.
  • Armed Response took pictures of the suspect and of her vehicle, so that the staff can be made aware of her.

23H56:  Armed Response was doing a patrol of Kettley way, when he noticed a suspicious person sitting in front of a Kettley Way residence

  • Armed Response made contact with resident of Kettley Way property, who informs him that they did request that the suspicious person to move, but he refused.
  • Armed Response officers proceeded to made the suspect leave the area

Tuesday 24 January 2023

01H54:  Koeberg Road resident phoned Armed Response officer to request Armed Response because they had a break in

  • Armed Response called it in and proceeded to the residence 
  • Client says suspects ran away when she activated alarm
  • Locks on front big gate were swapped so how access was gained

04H59:  Madeira Street reported, suspicious persons were in their yard

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival Response officers made contact and noted that the small gate was opened next to the house
  • Armed Response reports all seems in order

06H39:  Corah Street resident requested Control Room contact her ASAP.

  • Control Room operator contacted the resident, who informed us that two batteries were stolen out of two different vehicles that were standing outside her property, during load shedding
  • The vehicles belong to the resident’s husband
  • Resident requested Armed Response do more patrols at night, and check if bonnets have been opened, during load shedding
  • Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 were notified

23H30:  A Mill Street resident requested that Control to be alert on a Mill Street residence as there was a party going on

  • Guests have been known to be rowdy and litter on his pavement
  • Guests have been known to fight as well
  • Armed Response requested to do a drive by in early hours

23H48:  Report came in two suspicious persons walking in Chamois Street, then sat on the pavement

  • Armed Response was notified
  • Response officers told them to leave
  • NSCI Brooklyn group notified

Saturday 28 January 2023

00H04:  Armed Response reported a suspicious vehicle across from Drommedaris Street  vehicle moved away when the Armed Response approached

  • Vehicle is Silver, Reg No.  CAA382 542
  • Armed Response will keep eye out for the vehicle while on patrol

03H05:  Princess Alice resident requests Armed Response for a commotion outside in the street.

  • Armed Response on arrival finds all quiet
  • Armed Response did an area patrol all in order

19H17:  A Epping Street resident reported to Control Room their outside cams are blurry, and requests Armed Response to please do a check

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response officers reported confirms site secure
  • Control Room contacted the resident and notifies him his premises is secure

Sunday 29 January 2023

00H35:  A Ceres Road resident phones and says he was hijacked.  Two Vehicles Taken. 

  • Line was very bad so communication was unclear
  • Client stated he was home, SAPS was contacted by client
  • Armed Response was notified to lookout for vehicles and proceed to Ceres Room for more information
  • Alpha 1, NSCI Brooklyn and OPS group notified
  • Armed Response arrives at Ceres Road and finds it locked with no one home
  • Armed Response proceed to attempt to find location of hijacking
  • Control attempts to contact SAPS to find info on location of hijacking.  Milnerton doesn’t know, and Maitland doesn’t answer
  • Armed Response returns to Ceres road and finds clients on the premises
  • Clients confirm they were hijacked on that premises, and the vehicles have trackers in. They are attempting to track vehicles
  • Clients track one vehicle to Drommedaris Flats.  Armed response proceeds with client to site, and finds vehicle behind the Drommedaris flats.  SAPS on scene. 
  • Client attempts to track the other vehicle
  • Armed Response confirms both vehicles now recovered.  Second vehicle recovered in Rugby.
  • Armed Response escorts the client home to try find the spare keys.
  • Armed Response proceeds with client to the second vehicle
  • Confirms second vehicle is in Epping Street, Rugby
  • Vehicle is locked.  Client can’t find spare keys
  • Client going to phone a tow company to return it to premises
  • Control phones Armed Response to assess situation
  • Armed Response confirms second vehicle is a company vehicle
  • Control informs Armed Response they can leave the scene as SAPS is on scene, and to continue normal duties.
  • Armed Response Requests Control room operator to contact a towing company to tow the vehicle
  • Control contacts Sash Towing and forwards details
  • Response Officer reports SAPS has left the scene, and owner alone with the vehicle
  • Armed Response is standing by on scene until tow truck arrives
  • Reported Sash Towing on scene to tow vehicle
  • Reports client and vehicle dropped at home safely
  • Armed Response continues with normal duties

14H39:  Madeira Street resident reports a fire at a Donegal Street residence, requesting Fire Department

  • Armed Response informed
  • Control contacts Law Enforcement to dispatch Fire Department.  Ref. 100527072. 
  • Armed Response Reports Fire Department on scene
  • Also reports that the fire was started inside the premises.  Buckets of water were used to put out the fire.  By time Fire Department arrived, fire was almost out.
  • Fire Department leave
  • Armed Response reports scene All in order



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