Report for Week 4 of June 2023

Weekly Crime Report 19 June 2023 – 25 June 2023

Tuesday 20 June 2023

08h46 – A Frank Robb resident requested Armed Response to investigate a woman shouting and screaming in the street

  • Armed Response dispatched to investigate
  • Armed Response reported a young lady lying outside a Frank Robb Road residence shouting and moaning.  No visible injuries, and unresponsive to questioning. 
  • CoCT Emergency contacted to dispatch SAPS to investigate.  Ref: 1001665923
  • Armed Response proceeded with patrols

Wednesday 21 June 2023

03h43 – A Brooklyn resident reported a male and female fighting in Princess Alice street.  Looked like the male was assaulting the female. 

  • NSCI Group notified
  • Armed Response dispatched to investigate
  • On arrival, Armed Response reported the male and female walking in opposite directions, away from each other.  He monitored until they were out of sight, then proceeded with normal duties

Thursday 22 June 2023

11h45 – A Palm Springs resident phoned in requesting an Ambulance on site as a person had collapsed.  Person is unresponsive weak pulse and shallow breathing

  • CoCT Emergency contacted to request Ambulance.  Ref:  1001667934
  • Palm Springs Shift Senior informed and told to confirm if the patients condition changes and when the Ambulance arrives
  • Reported Ambulance arrived and is attending to patient

Sunday 25 June 2023

03h42 – A Plettenberg Street resident reported a suspicious male looking over the walls into the premises of the houses in the street. He moved left into Piet Grobler. NSCI Group notified.  Armed Response notified to be on the lookout

  • Suspicious male returns and climbs over the wall of a Plettenberg Street resident 
  • Armed Response dispatched
  • NSCI Group notified
  • Armed Response arrives on scene, and can’t see anyone on premises. 
  • Armed Response leaves for normal duties
  • As soon as Armed Response leaves clothes and items being thrown over the wall into the street from a different residence
  • Armed Response immediately notified to return
  • NSCI Group notified
  • SAPS contacted for assistance
  • Armed Response stands down and checks surrounding area for a suspect but none seen.
  • The resident arrives home from work and Armed Response notifies him of situation.
  • After a check premises by Armed Response no suspect on premises but noted that a whole wash line of laundry had been stolen.
  • SAPS not on scene yet.  Armed Response proceeds with normal duties.  NSCI Group notified



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