Report for Week 3 of February 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 19 February to 25 February 2024

Tuesday 20 February 2024

13h35 – A Madeira street resident reported electric fence damaged and persons sitting drinking at the back of his property

  • Armed Response despatched
  • Armed Response reported unsure how fence was damaged, resident will fix it in the morning, all seems to be in order 

Friday 23 February 2024

20h28 – A Poole street resident called in regarding a disturbance at the property arrived at 20:34 and noticed that the resident’s son was breaking the property’s windows 

  • Armed Response despatched 
  • On Arrival Armed Response approached the suspect and informed him to calm down but he didn't he then turned around to hit the response officer with a bicycle where upon he pepper sprayed the suspect and detained him on the ground until he calmed him down further all seems to be in order 
  • CoCT emergency contacted ref nr 100192487
  • Armed Response reported no SAPS yet and CoCt emergency was contacted again who said vehicle is busy with another incident
  • Armed Response reported suspect left the scene and as soon as Armed Response left the suspect returned
  • Alpha 2 was informed and reported if suspect comes back and the situation get out of hand the suspect is to be arrested by Armed Response and must be taken to the SAPS to open a case
  • Armed Response spoke to the mother

23h53 - B1 reports a female resident who stays a few houses down from Vasco Park, was assaulted in Vasco park by some of the vagrants. 

  • No Ambo requested.  SAPS requested.
  • CoCT Emergency contacted - SAPS requested.
  • Armed Response Officers reported SAPS arrives on scene (3 Vehicles)
  • Armed Response resumes with normal duties




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