Report for Week 1 of April 2023

Weekly Crime Stats 3 April to 9 April 2023

Monday 03 April 2023

09H45 – Armed Response reported a homeless gentleman needed help for a leg injury.

  • Metro services contacted spoke with Jaga ref no. 1141

16H35 – A Landdrost Street resident requested Armed response

  • Alpha 1, Alpha 2 and Armed Response dispatched 
  • Armed Response reported a suspect was removed from the premises and prohibited from entering, he trespassed by entering the property again.
  • Armed response gave him a warning if he comes back necessary action will be taken.

20H19 – A Madeira Street resident reported a small fire outside the Portuguese Club which has been put out by local residents.

  • Control room Operator informed Armed Response to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity at the Portuguese Club.

Wednesday 05 April 2023

00H11 – A resident from a Brooklyn apartment complex reported work clothes have been stolen from the washing lines

  • Resident was informed the matter will be investigated.

03H11 – Armed Response reported while on patrol he noticed a black BMW with driver’s window smashed, vehicle parked in front of a Da Gama Street residence.

  • Armed Response tried to contact the owner but no one answered.
  • Control room Operator notified SAPS and they confirmed the owner of the vehicle has to report it before they come out.

04H55 – Control Room received a message about a suspicious person walking in the direction of where the BMW was parked

  • Armed Response was notified
  • Upon arrival Armed Response Officers noted suspect stealing from the car, he ran away immediately when he saw Armed Response
  • Armed response officers were in pursuit of the suspect and were able to apprehend him.
  • SAPS were contacted ref no. 390707 / 1001592761

05H23 – SAPS arrived and Armed Response resumed patrols

11H57 – A Palm Springs resident requested Armed Response

  • Armed Response reported on arrival a tenant was outside the complex with his girlfriend and they were arguing in front of shop, and when shop owners tried to stop the fight things escalated and a fight broke off between the tenant and the shop owner
  • Armed Response managed to stop the fight and the tenant reported his car was stolen and his phone inside car a charcoal Suzuki, the tuck shop owners also reported stolen items from the shop.
  • Control Room Operator contacted Law enforcement spoke to Musfika ref no. 1001593189

Thursday 06 April 2023

19H30 – Armed Response reported a motor vehicle accident on Koeberg Road in front of a restaurant and an ambulance was needed.

  • Ambulance contacted spoke to Nolu ref no. 1001594590

19H45 – Ambulance arrived

Friday 07 April 2023

10H13 – Armed Response noted suspicious behavior in Festival to Avondrus park, two suspects in and out of the park and seemed like they switched bags.

  • Neighborhood watch was called to investigate in the park as one of the suspects returned to the park and was sitting on the bench, he was removed from the park for smoking marijuana.




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