Report for Week 1 of February 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 29 January to 04 February 2024

Wednesday 31 January 2024

03h15 – A Rugby Complex on site Security Officer requested an ambulance for a 37 year old male with chest pains and difficulty breathing. Armed Response also dispatched to assess

  • COCT Services contacted. ref-1001898020,
  • Ambulance marked as priority
  • Armed Response reports patient is deteriorating high blood pressure serious difficulty breathing and a rapid pulse. Armed Response was asked if there wasn’t anyone who could take the patient to the hospital. 
  • Armed Response assisted in finding someone Officers report a neighbor will be taking the patient to Dunoon Clinic. Ambulance was cancelled.

16h02 – A Justin street resident reported a gentleman is blocking her way in the parking area at Fontana flats in Fontana Road and is refusing to move. She requested Armed Response assistance

  • Armed Response dispatched.
  • On arrival Armed Response reported that SAPS will be needed as the gentlemen is still refusing to move even after been asked to by Armed Response 
  • Law enforcement called ref- 2464807
  • Armed Response reported that the gentlemen did eventually move his vehicle.
  • Armed Response left scene and resumed patrols

Friday 02 February 2024

03h40 – A Madiera Crescent resident reported a suspect jumped over her side fence after stealing her Solar Sensor Light, and a grey crutch bag

  • Armed Response was given a description of suspect and they confirmed they did note him in Kiln Road 
  • Armed Response searched the area but finds no sign of suspect 
  • Resident informed
  • Armed Response will keep eye out for the suspect

23h30 - A Forridon Street Resident had a gas bottle catch fire inside the house. Armed Response was at the scene, all seemed to be in order. Fire services were on scene and no one was injured.

Saturday 03 February 2024

00h56 – A Brooklyn Garage required Armed Response assistance. Armed Response arrived at the premises and found a gentleman inside a vehicle badly beaten. After interviewing the driver he confirmed his name with Armed Response and told them he is an uber driver he dropped off a client and then they hit him with a bottle alongside the right of his face and tried to rob him he can hardly speak and was blooding profusely. Two of his friends who received a call that he was injured they are also on scene waiting on SAPS and Ambulances services.

  • Law enforcement called ref-1001901453
  • Milnerton SAPS on scene informed his friends to take the patient to Dunoon Clinic as his injuries looked very critical and the ambulance still hadn’t arrived

04h20 – A Kings Road Resident reported hearing fighting outside his premises in the road.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On Arrival Armed Response reported 3 woman trying to rob a man and  they were beating him. As Armed Response made an approach the women ran away. 
  • The Victim reported he wasn’t injured.
  • Armed Response resumed patrols



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