Report for Week 1 of June 2023

Weekly Crime Report 29 May to 04 June 2023

Wednesday 31 May 2023

00h56 – A Clarendon Street resident requested assistance

  • Apparently a pan on the stove before load shedding and she forgot it was on when the lights came on.  When she woke up the house was full of smoke.  She opened all the doors and windows to get rid of the smoke and they are standing outside the house until the smoke clears.
  • Armed Response dispatched to stand by until the house was clear of smoke
  • Armed Response left premises once they were safely back inside

15h09 – A Bancroft resident noted heavy smoke on the right of Marine Drive/Train overpass.

  • Fire Department contacted and dispatched
  • NSCI group notified

Thursday 01 June 2023

12h21 – A Madeira Street resident requested Armed Response as there was cable theft in street during load shedding

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response confirms cable stolen from pole outside a Madeira Street residence 
  • Control contacts the resident who confirms multiple cables on poles in the street have been loosened and seem ready to be stolen.
  • Control give the resident a contact number of Cable Theft unit and Armed Response notified to keep alert for possible cable thieves in the area

Friday 02 June 2023

07h29 – A Koeberg Road Resident requested Armed Response assistance

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reports on arrival the resident daughter was making a scene and requested Armed Response remove the daughter at her request
  • The daughter still made a scene after she was removed from the premises but eventually left
  • Armed Response presumes patrols

Sunday 04 June 2023

05h25 – A Princess Alice resident reported two vehicle speed down Princess Alice in the direction of the barrier

  • 05h25 – The resident phoned in and requested SAPS as an Uber driver had an attempted hijacking.  He was chased down Princess Alice and crashed into the barrier. His cellphone and other items were stolen but his vehicle was still on scene as the hijackers left it when they fled the scene
  • NSCI Group notified
  • Armed Response dispatched to investigate

CoCT Emergency Services contacted to request SAPS.  Ref:  1001650413



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