Report for Week 1 of October 2022

Crime and Response report 2 October to 09 October 2022 

Tuesday 04 October

09h38 – Alpha 1 reported armed response to be dispatched to Wymess Street break-in in progress

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Requested SAPS assistance as suspect was still on premises
  • Law Enforcement Ref Number IR 407007 and Milnerton SAPS were informed
  • Armed Response reported on arrival they noticed that the suspect was standing outside one of the units, the suspect then entered the premises. SAPS arrived on scene BTY 413B the suspect was apprehended and questioned by SAPS. Suspect was transported to Milnerton police station.

14h50 - William Mason street resident sent voice note requesting help from armed response to help her mother alone at home as a pipe burst in the street she was busy holding on for the municipality to assist as well

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Armed Response reported water meter was stolen from the outside the house
  • Municipality was notified
  • C3 was logged  

Thursday 06 October 2022

19h10 – Off Duty Knightowl officer requested assistance at his premises, urgently.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported a confused lady on the premises she didn’t know where she was
  • SAPS was also contacted by Control Room Staff
  • Law Enforcement was informed and Response officer cell number was given to law enforcement for any further details

Friday 07 October 2022

08h27 -  Madeira street resident reported illegal entry at Donegal street property a man wearing a yellow security vest gained entry

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported on that the next door neighbor confirmed the man wearing the security vest is the caretaker and went there to collect documents to be submitted to the police.

18h30 -  Donegal Street requested armed response for persons fighting outside 

  • Armed response dispatched
  • Armed response reported on arrival persons fighting had left the premises all in order

21h13 – Armed response requested SAPS assistance for a person disturbing the peace and refusing to leave a premises in Donegal Street

  • Law Enforcement called ref number: 1001416957
  • Armed response reported SAPS arrived on premises and removed the person 

Saturday 08 October 2022

04h52 – Knightowl employee phoned in requesting an ambulance for a Bancroft road resident complaining of shortness of breath and needing assistance

  • Brooklyn Fire and Rescue Notified
  • Law Enforcement informed Ref number 1001417165 and ambulance was dispatched to location

05H29 – Knightowl employee called in to report a gate in Bancroft road had been removed from its rails

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed response reported gate was derailed did a site inspection all in order on premises. No further entry was gained to the property

19h39 - Kings Road resident sent WhatsApp message requiring armed response to remove drunk person from outside of her premises 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported on arrival the suspect was standing on the porch he was informed to leave the premises immediately
  • Kings road resident called in to say Thank you for your assistance, the armed response handled the situation very well

20h15 – Control room operator saw on camera in Dreyer Street that the lights inside of a vehicle had been left on and informed the resident

  • Armed response was dispatched to assist 
  • Armed Response reported on arrival the cars owners were struggling to turn off the inside light in the car all in order




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