Report for Week 4 of June 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 24 June to 30 June 2024

Thursday 27 June 2024

00h24 – A Milnerton Business requested Armed Response for a potential break in 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival Armed Response confirmed that the site was clear but found some cut wires
  • Armed Response also reported possible sounds of suspects across from the premises
  • Business owner contacted and informed
  • The owner requests Armed Response to secure the area and requested extra patrols.
  • Armed Response confirms no sight or sound of suspects nearby.
  • Will proceed with normal duties and to do extra patrols at the premises.

Friday 28 June 2024

11h17 – A Bower Street resident requested Armed Response assistance

  • A Bower Street resident phoned in to request that we please phone an ambulance for a vagrant in Bower street, who was complaining of chest pain and couldn’t breathe. He was already turning blue as they were waiting for an ambulance since last night.
  • Control room operator phoned medical services ref no. 0631 who said they will book the incident.
  • The ambulance service called the resident back and told her that they have no ambulance available for vagrants staying on the street, he must try and get to the nearest day hospital himself.
  • The resident said she phoned Netcare and will pay the account, Netcare came and took the patient to Somerset hospital. 

22h06 – A Daisy Circle resident requested assistance for another Daisy Circle resident

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response arrived and found the resident from Daisy Circle on the “scene”. The resident from Daisy circle was in shock due to someone ringing her door bell repeatedly but doesn’t know who it was.  
  • Armed Response did a patrol of the area but didn’t see anyone suspicious around.
  • Armed Response resumed patrols

Saturday 29 June 2024

09h44 – A Ysterplaat petrol station requested Armed Response assistance

  • The Service station attendant informed the control room that some drunk suspects were in the shop for a few minutes, then went outside and started asking the customers for money. Client requested Armed Response to come and standby.
  • Armed Response DISPATCHED
  • Response Officers stood down and kept an eye on the persons until they left the area. 

Sunday 30 June 2024

20h40 – A Ysterplaat Complex requested Armed Response assistance

  • Armed Response dispatched.
  • On arrived at premises Armed Response found a vehicle removing rubble from the premises. They had no movement letter to state that they can remove the rubble and the security would not let them exit the premises. 
  • The removal staff informed the Armed Response that the security let them in knowing that they are going to clean up at one of the units but when they were wanting to leave, the security refused to let them exit due to not having a removal letter. 
  • An argument occurred with the removal staff and some of the tenants of the complex due to the way they were speaking to the security. Armed Response had to break up the fight first.
  • Armed Response then contacted the owner of the unit to assist with a removal request, to which he then sent through via WhatsApp and the building manager also acknowledged that they can leave the premises.



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