Report for Week 2 of February 2022

7 February 2022 - 14 February 2022

These are some of the incidents that was attended to by our Armed response and patrol vehicles

Tuesday 8 February 2022

13h55 – Patrol vehicle reported a silver Clio parked in Van Riebeek Street – CA 291 241. Vehicle has been in an accident and the two tires were flat. Some parts appear to have been removed and the vehicle was not locked. Law Enforcement was contacted spoke to Noxell and the vehicle was subsequently removed.

Thursday 10 February 2022

05h36 -Donegal Road request a response for a stolen vehicle with 3 occupants that tried to abduct a lady in the street

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival armed response reported a white vehicle make unknown REG- CY140850 three bravo males tried to abduct a lady. On arrival of the armed response the lady ran away towards the field so did the three occupants, before they could be questioned. The vehicle was left abandoned. Milnerton SAPS was contacted for further investigation, spoke to Sgt Duma.

09H50 –Kettley Way Estoril reported 2 males walking around in the street taking photos of the houses

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • On arrival the two men walked into another street. Armed response confronted them and advised that they should not take photographs of houses and rather to leave the area if they don’t live there. They complied and left  

14h35 – Received a call from Farnworth Road reporting three males who are trying to force their way onto the premises after being told to leave.

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • On arrival Armed response reported a dispute regarding money. Armed response explained to the 3 males why they should rather leave the premises. All 3 left without any further aggression

16h00- Farnworth Road requested assistance again before the situation escalated. 

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • Armed response reported all 3 males left on his arrival

 11 February 2022

19h02 – Kings Road requested assistance for a domestic dispute, SAPS had been contacted but failed to arrive.

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • On Arrival requested SAPS but managed to resolve the situation before SAPS arrived spoke to Captain Demist. Also contacted law enforcement spoke to Sisanda REF -1001223665. First available vehicle will go out.

12 February 2022

00h47 – Patrol vehicle reported a fire in Boundary Road. Fire and Rescue contacted spoke to Senior Fire Fighter Moody. 

01h15 – Patrol vehicle reported fire and rescue left scene fire extinguished aio.

Sunday 13 February 2022  

01H49 – Kettley way called in stating that there is a white Honda CA 871 213 parked in Kettley Way 

  • Armed response dispatched
  • On arrival Armed response spoke to the guy in the white car. The guy came from one of the pubs in the area and stopped to look for his cellphone. While the armed response was speaking to the person another member of the public engaged with them and the situation escalated. Armed response stood between both the driver and the member of the public to avoid further confrontation. Soon afterwards the person left. AIO

05h14 – Tulbagh Road requested assistance with a possible intruder on the premises 

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • On arrival Armed response checked the premises but could not located the suspect/s further patrols were conducted in the area

04h23 - Ryk Road requested armed response for someone that was causing a disturbance in the area and appeared to be under the influence

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • Suspect gone on arrival of the Armed Response, further patrols were conducted in the area


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