Report for Week 3 of June 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 17 June to 23 June 2024

Monday 17 June 2024

11H50 - A Milnerton business reported an attempted break-in 

  • Armed Response arrived and reported seeing two suspects jumping over the fencing out of the premises from behind the containers
  • Armed Response officers caught up to one suspect who confirmed he was not on the premises, both suspects then left premises via train line side
  • Armed Response did another patrol of the premises and confirms all in order   
  • Resident was informed                                          

Wednesday 19 June 2024

18h48 – A Koeberg Road business called in a disturbance

  • Armed Response arrived at premises and was informed by the resident that a gentleman must leave the premises, Armed Response asked the gentleman to leave he complied. Officers informed the control room operator that the gentleman he was very agitated 
  • The suspect was also making remarks to the Armed Response Officer and one gentleman with the suspect took a photo of the officer while he was speaking to the suspect. Both gentleman were trying to provoke the officer into doing something he picked up on it and asked them in a calm way to please leave
  • Both men complied.
  • Armed Response checked the premises again before resuming patrols

21h08 – A Rugby resident reported vagrants in Madeira Park 

  • Armed Response requested by Rugby resident regarding vagrants setting up camp in the park 
  • On arrival Armed Response officer requested the vagrants to move as they are not allowed in the park 
  • They proceeded to tell Armed Response they jumped over the fence to look for a safe place to sleep 
  • Suspects were 3 males and 1 female. Armed Response waited for them to pack up and vacate the park
  • Armed Response proceeded with normal patrols will do extra patrols at the park in case vagrants return 

Saturday 22 June 2024

20h57 - A Chepstowe Street resident reported been robbed 

  • While on patrol in Chepstowe Street a lady informed Armed Response that she had been robbed. Officers did a patrol in the area but did not see any suspicious activity or persons
  • The victim was robbed on the corner of Ibex and Chepstowe Street she reported they threw her to the ground and robbed her of her purse. Description of the suspects was given
  • The victim informed Armed Response she was on her way home from work when it happened
  • Armed Response will do extra patrols and keep an eye out for the suspects

23h14 A Rugby complex on site security requested Armed Response

  • A Complex on site security officer requested Armed Response assistance regarding a noise complaint 
  • On Arrival at the premises Armed Response officer was informed that they had received several complaints about a lot of noise coming from one of the units
  • Armed Response proceeded to the unit and informed the tenant to keep the noise down as they were sitting in front of the unit outside
  • Armed Response asked that they all go inside as the noise was very loud for other tenants. They complied with the request and got all the people inside
  • Armed Response returned to normal patrols once the situation was resolved

Sunday 23 June 2024

00h34 – On patrol in Da Gama street Armed Response reported a car bonnet open in front of a residence 

  • The bonnet of a vehicle was slightly open and on further investigation officer noticed that the battery was stolen and the driver’s side door lock was damaged
  • Resident was informed he did a check with Armed Response it seems that only the battery was stolen
  • SAPS Milnerton was informed

21h13 A Rugby complex on site security requested Armed Response

  • Armed Response requested regarding a noise complaint
  • On arrival at the premises officer was informed that a tenant in one of the units was making a noise 
  • Armed Response proceeded to the unit and found that the noise was very loud. The officer had to knock a few times before the resident opened the door he was informed to keep the noise down as it is affecting other residents 
  • The tenant informed Armed Response that they will keep the noise down and that the people that were attending the party were now leaving
  • Armed Response resumed patrols



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