Report for Week 2 of March 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 11 March to 17 March 2024

Tuesday 12 March 2024

17h44 – A Kettley Way Estoril resident reported, a 6-year-old girl left alone inside the house of a Kettley way residence SAPS requested to come out to premises. 19:25 the father arrived at the residence. SAPS - Milnerton arrived on scene at 19:26 vehicle reg. Number BVL 705 B no.: EM 37 officers went to speak to father.

Sunday 17 March 2024

13h22 – On Site security at a Brooklyn business contacted Armed Response and requested assistance as one of the employees was under the influence and causing some trouble

  • Armed Response Officer managed to talk to him and told him to wait outside for his transport 
  • Armed Response escorted him out of the premises

14h35 – Armed Response requested SAPS as the employee returned again as soon as Armed Response left the premises 

  • Milnerton SAPS constable was informed.
  • Armed Response again escorted the employee off the premises and told him to wait outside for his transport. 
  • Armed Response asked where SAPS were as employee was making a scene, 
  • SAPS Milnerton was phoned again and we were told they will find out where the vehicle is. 
  • Police van arrived and went into driveway.
  • Knightowl patrol officer spoke with police and employee as well.

18h00 –Armed Response requested at a Linnet Road Residence

  • On arrival Armed Response reported an attempted suicide.
  • Lady aged 47 had consumed sleeping pills
  • Control contacted emergency services, REF-1553.
  • Emergency services on scene GFJ 702 G. 
  • They are taking the patient to Somerset Hospital. 
  • At time of Armed Response leaving the premises patient was still unresponsive.




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