Report for Week 5 of May 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 27 May to 02 June 2024                                                                     

Tuesday 28 May 2024

05h48 – A Brooklyn complex resident requested Armed Response

  • A resident requested Armed Response and SAPS as a man was hitting a woman who was intoxicated
  • Armed Response dispatched and Milnerton SAPS was informed
  • Armed Response reported the fighting has stopped but the man still wanted the SAPS to come out
  • Armed Response left premises as everything was under control 

07h56 – A Palmetto Close resident reported a break-in

A Palmetto Close resident messaged in saying someone was in their yard again stealing petrol out of a vehicle parked there, using a hose pipe punching a hole in the petrol tank not much petrol was taken because there was not much petrol in the vehicle 

  • Armed Response dispatched 

Sunday 02 June 2024

02h05 – A Forridon-Da Gama Street resident reported a lady and child sitting outside by the gate in the cold next to a Forridon Street residence 

  • Armed Response dispatched to assess the situation
  • On arrival Armed Response reported the lady informed him she just came back from the police station as her boyfriend does this to her and her child locks them outside of the house and the SAPS does nothing to help her
  • Law Enforcement contacted ref no. 1002034977 controller will inform SAPS and Metro SAPS
  • Posted on the NSCI group
  • 2 Metro Police cars arrived on scene at 02h38 – spoke to the lady no response from the residence 
  • They escorted the lady and child at 03h02 in the Metro SAPS vehicle



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