Report for Week 3 of April 2022

Crime report 11 April 2022 - 19 April 2022

Monday 11 April 2022 

07h49 – Patrol vehicle reported Farnworth Road requested assistance with an emergency. 

- Armed response dispatched

- Armed response and patrol vehicle reported no emergency, client wanted armed response to stand off while waiting for a pick-up. AIO

15h50 – Patrol vehicle reported Corah requests armed response for a stolen cellphone 

- Armed response dispatched

- On arrival requested SAPS. Control contacted Maitland SAPS S ergent Pakadolo

- Armed response reported the suspect lived close by to where the incident took place.

- 16:07 SAPS arrival

20:53 – Control received a call from Corah Street requesting SAPS as the suspect that stole the cellphone earlier had been caught 

- Armed response dispatched

- SAPS also dispatched Constable Nchuba

- Armed response arrival

- Armed response request medical assistance, spoke to Noel REF 2387

- Scene handed over the SAPS on arrival

Wednesday 13 April 2022 

05h36 – Maderia request a patrol for a suspicious silver vehicle with 2 bravo male occupants .

- Armed response dispatched

- Armed response arrival and reported Silver Honda Jazz B413BAB no occupants inside the vehicle at the time.

09h21 – Patrol vehicle reported illegal dumping in Idoho street C3 was logged REF 9112558908 

08h05 - Kings road requested extra patrol, garage lock was broken off, no items reported stolen, client confirmed will replace his lock as soon as possible. Extra patrol to be done 

08h23- Plover street reported that their garage padlock is stolen off, no items stolen. Extra patrol to be don 

10h22 – Corah street requested assistance with a vehicle standing off in front of their property. White vehicle REG – 19703 with black tinted windows looks very suspicious Client said bravo male was very rude. 

- Armed response dispatched

- On arrival reports that it was an Uber driver and he was standing off as he was tired.

- The driver did not want to give his name or credentials and was rude with the armed response

- Client and armed response took a photo of the vehicle and driver

- The driver then left shortly thereafter to park elsewhere

21h09 – Ryk Road reported construction work still taking place at Mc Donalds and it was very loud 

- Patrol vehicle was dispatched

- C3 was logged for noise disturbance –REF 9112564476 .

- Patrol vehicle spoke to the construction manager and they undertook to quieten down, no further complaints were received

Thursday 14 April 2022 

10h30 – Roome Road requested extra patrols for night

13h27 – Patrol vehicle reported City of Cape Town is busy removing illegal squatters and their structures behind Dreyer and Dromedaris Street, structures are being burnt so that they won’t return.

- Patrol vehicle sensitized to remove any vagrents that may return afterwards

- Control Room to monitor CCTV and notify enforcement should the shacks pop up again

18h01 – Donegal reported a fire on the field next to hospital 

- Armed response dispatched

- Armed response reports a fire behind Dromedaris Street. Fire and rescue dispatched spoke to Firefighter Cloete.

- Armed response reported Fire and Rescue on scene and fire extinguished. AIO

23h09 – Da Gama Street requested a patrol for noise and movement on the field corner Fenwick and Kings Road. Dogs are barking incessantly 

- Armed Response dispatched

- Armed response reported all in order on arrival, no one was seen there

Friday 15 April 2022

17h30 – Daisy Circle reported loud noise at another premises in Daisy 

- Armed response dispatched

- Armed response reported new owners moving in

21h57 – Amsterdam Street requested extra patrols in Diep Street due to increased activity 

- Patrol vehicle informed 

23h40 - Bancroft Street called in to report domestic violence at another premises in Bancroft. 

- Armed response dispatched

- Armed Response reported a domestic altercation on arrival

- Law enforcement Sharlene REF – 1001277115 and medical services dispatched

- 00:28 no ambulance arrived SAPS arrived

- No further medical assistance requested

- Husband took wife in for medical assistance

21H15 – Chamois street request escort onto premises

- Escort complete aio

Sunday 17 April 2022

21h52 – Haarlem Street called to report gunshot sounds

- Armed Response dispatched

- SAPS also dispatched

- Armed Response reported gunshots by the vlei.

- SAPS also on scene

`Eyes to watch over and shield to protect`

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