Report for Week 4 of August 2022

Crime and Response Report 22 – 28 August 2022

Monday 22 August 2022

08H24 - Client reported that a taxi has driven into the fence of Ysterplaat Primary school.

  • Armed response dispatched
  • Upon arrival he reported that the taxi`s breaks failed and the driver lost control and drove into the fence damaging it. On further investigation they found out that the driver was not licensed. 
  • Control was asked to contact the traffic department, armed response stayed at the school until the traffic officers arrived to secure the scene and make sure driver did not run away. 
  • Traffic officer gave driver a fine and the taxi was impounded. 
  • The school was informed to lay a charge at the police station to get a case number so that they could claim damages done to fence.

Friday 26 August 2022

23H06 - Curlew Street requested assistance with an (MVA) Motor Vehicle Accident 

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • Upon arrival the driver that caused the accident ran away but someone followed him to a complex nearby and brought him back to the scene. 
  • Control room contacted the SAPS and traffic department. 
  • Armed response noticed that the driver was under the influence and took his cars keys before he attempted to drive away, armed response stayed on scene until traffic officers arrived. 
  • Traffic officers arrived and arrested the driver for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. The vehicle was also towed away.

Saturday 27 August 2022 

23H57 - Kings Road requested assistance for a Domestic disturbance

  • Armed response dispatched 
  • On arrival the perpetrator ran away while armed response was still on the scene. 
  • The perpetrator returned to the scene while armed response was still there. 
  • Armed response flagged down a police van driving past. The police officers took over and arrested the person responsible.


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