Report for Week 3 of January 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 15 January to 21 January 2024

Tuesday 16 January 2024

06h45 – Whilst on patrol Armed Response notes suspicious male inside locked premises scratching in the bins.  On questioning the suspect says he is only checking in the bins.  On approaching the suspect, he jumps over the wall and flees into the Donegal field.  Armed Response loses suspect in the field.

  • Armed Response checks premises and finds site secure, all in order.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

06h41 – A Donegal Street resident requested Fire Services on scene for a fire on the Donegal street field.

  • Armed Response dispatched to assess
  • Armed Response reports a large fire rapidly spreading towards the houses
  • Armed Response alerts residents
  • Milnerton Fire Services contacted and dispatched
  • Fire Services extinguish fire and confirm All in order

Thursday 18 January 2024

12h27 – An Atlantic Letting Agent requested Armed Response assistance to investigate a tenant that is possibly running a Scrap Metal business from the premises.  If he is then Armed Response is to inform tenant to cease and desist or face eviction.

  • Armed Response dispatched to investigate
  • Armed Response arrives on scene and confirmed tenant not at home however Armed Response noted multiple other tenants also running illegal Scrap Metal business.  On questioning the tenants, they say the owner is aware and have given permission
  • Atlantic Letting Agent informed of the above who confirms they were not aware of it.

13h20 – Atlantic Letting Agent requested assistance with a property where they needed to change locks after a Tenant was evicted

  • Armed Response stands down on site and reports locks changed with no incidents.  All in order

Friday 19 January 2024

17H25 - Armed Response notes smoke coming from between Donegal Field and Paarden Eiland

  • On investigation Armed Response notes the smoke is coming from inside Brooklyn Chest Hospital
  • Armed Response queries with the guards who had no idea of the fire
  • Fire extinguished and guard supervisor say they will investigate the cause
  • Armed Response Officers resume duties

Saturday 20 January 2024

00h15 – A Forridon Street resident requested Armed Response an Ambulance and SAPS on scene for a male that was robbed and shot twice in the leg

  • Armed Response dispatched to investigate
  • Armed Response reports male shot in the leg, bleeding heavily, Ambulance required and SAPS assist needed.
  • CoCT contacted Ref: 1001885736
  • Armed Response reports multiple residents engaging with and attacking suspects on scene.
  • CoCT informed and told to mark SAPS assist as urgent
  • Armed Response engages and arrests two suspects on scene
  • SAPS and Ambulance arrive on scene. 
  • Armed Response hands over suspects to SAPS, and has another resident arrested, who threw a brick at one of the suspects almost hitting the Armed Response Officer
  • SAPS and Armed Response clear the scene and find multiple shell casings and a discarded firearm.
  • Paramedics stabilize the patient and transport him to the hospital (Patient later confirmed one of the suspects)

00h35 – A Koeberg Road resident requested SAPS and Armed Response assistance for shots fired in front of his premises 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • CoCT contacted for SAPS assistance Ref: 1001885725
  • On arrival Armed Response Officers note two females on scene uninjured but in shock. Suspect vehicle on site.
  • Armed Response with instruction by SAPS to secure the scene until they arrive proceed to do so
  • SAPS arrives on scene and Armed Response hands scene over to SAPS
  • Armed Response Officers note SAPS and Law Enforcement on scene
  • They assessed the scene and then proceeded to another incident

07h15 – A Kiln Street resident requests Armed Response premises check as his neighbors contacted him and said suspects forcefully entered the premises and removed items.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival Armed Response noted front gate open and front door and security gate forcefully opened. Upon entrance of the house Armed Response noted all the cupboards standing open and is not sure if anything was taken.
  • Control Room Operators inform the resident
  • Neighbor confirms three male suspects were seen leaving the premises with a wheelie bin

23h16 – A Kiln Street resident requests Armed Response on site as she hears water running from the premises.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival Armed Response reports hearing running water from the premises, and hears movement in the house.
  • Armed Response proceeds to secure the house, when a suspect flees the premises Armed Response Officers pursues but lose the suspect near the railway lines
  • On inspection of premises Armed Response notes broken section of ceiling and water running from the ceiling. 
  • Armed Response asked to turn off the water

Sunday 21 January 2024

18h40 – A Ysterplaat School custodian requested Armed Response assistance. A Suspect had jumped over fence into premises, and another was throwing stones into premises.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival Armed Response speaks to custodian
  • Armed Response and custodian check premises and find no visible damage
  • Armed Response proceeds to look for suspects
  • Armed Response finds the suspects and gives them a stern warning.




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