Report for Week 1 of February 2022

Monday 31 January 2022 – 7 February 2022

These are some of the services we offer in your area

24 hour alarm monitoring and armed response

- Alarm / panic response

- Meet and greet

- Special attention

24 hour control room for any queries

- Dumping

- Service request or responses

24 hour patrol service

- When you are at work and concerned about a family member call us to go out and check

24 hour CCTV offsite monitoring

- Have your property covered 247 with camera triggering events should someone try to enter your home or business

Technical services

- Alarm installations

- CCTV installations

- Access Control (biometric door entry / strike or magnetic locking solutions)

- Electric fencing

- Intercom and other IT services

- Networking and access points to extend your wifi range

- Network hubs

We also do wireless point to point CCTV / building to building solutions


0812494225 (Control Room Whatsapp)

Below are some of the incidents that our Control Room was notified for and a vehicle was dispatched to investigate

Tuesday 01 February 2022

21h00 – Client of Daisy Circle reported seeing a guy jump over someone’s gate in Kettley Way

- Armed response dispatched and arrived in Kettley way – non-client

- There were 2 Charlie males seen jumping over the wall in the left corner. Owner of the premises says his braai was knocked over

- Suspects gone on arrival, patrols were conducted in the area

Wednesday 02 February 2022

11h36 – C3 logged for a blocked drain, cnr of Max and Albow rd. Ref-9112176151.

Friday 04 February 2022

04h16 - Patrol vehicle reported that while doing his patrols in Kettley way, he noticed the door open in Kettley way.

- Patrol made contact with client but aio as client left the door open as it was hot.

22h01 – Corah street requested assistance.

- Armed response dispatched

- Armed response reported electric wires outside / overhead had been cut and client would like Knightowl to assist

- Control logged a C3.

22h10 – Armed response reported that the power is back on and also that the City of CT has come out to Corah street.

Saturday 05 February 2022

07h58 – Claredon Crescent reported a vehicle was broken into and a few items had been stolen.

- Armed response dispatched.

08h06 – SAPS was requested but no reply. Sector vehicle contacted and also no answer.

08h10 – Managed to get hold of maitland saps to report the stolen battery. Spoke to constable Ntloko.

10h34 – The owner of the vehicle who’s battery was stolen contacted control room again to ask why hasn’t saps come out yet.

10h46 – Maitland saps contacted again as the owner of the vehicle requested saps. Sgt Menzewa said there is no vehicle available. The vehicles are all out on calls.

15h55 – Patrol vehicle reported a missing manhole on the corner of Donegal and Lincluden. A C3 was logged Ref-9112196028.

15h58 – Patrol vehicle reported a leakage in Donegal rd. a C3 was logged Ref – 9112196034.

16h29 – CITY OF Cape Town sent a sms to confirm both C3s were set to assign.

Sunday 06 February 2022

03h00 – Client from Dr Malan Crescent reported an accident and requested saps as they could not get through to maitland saps.

- Armed response was also despatched.

03h15 – Armed response reported a Golf – CAA19953 caused an accident with a Honda Fit B312AJR. – Maitland SAPS were contacted, spoke to Sgt Mbidla and said they are aware of accident and will send out van only when it becomes available.

08h34 - Patrol vehicle reported while doing patrols he found window at a premises in Frank Robb was wide open, no burglar bars. Key holder has been contacted. Awaiting response. Key holder, said they will check the premises

23h03 – Uno Spares reported an accident on Koeberg rd by the Engen garage. Maitland saps was contacted, spoke to Sgt Mavuso who said a van would be sent out. Armed response was also dispatched to assist.

Contact our Control Room if you want to report any incidents. Landline, whatsapp or email


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