Report for Week 1 of November 2023

Weekly Crime Report - 30 October to 05 November 2023

Monday 30 October 2023

01h40 – A Plover Road Resident requested armed response for positive break-in at another Plover Road premises 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • CoCT notified ref # 1001794591 
  • Armed Response arrived on scene spoke to residents’ suspects were one female and three males, items taken from yard, gate motor, gas bottles and other items
  • Residents noted a white ford fiesta in the area
  • Suspects fled just before Armed Response arrived
  • Armed Response checked the area and reported they would be on the lookout for the suspects

22h43 – An Avondrus Resident reported two suspicious males entering the park with what looks like a heavy wheelie bin

  • NSCI group notified 
  • The Resident requested Armed Response assistance for suspects
  • Armed Response dispatched
  • The Resident reported suspects left park at front gate and turned right just before Armed Response arrived
  • Resident reported to Armed Response possible stolen items in bin
  • Armed Response sweep area for suspects
  • Armed Response reported found bin in Fiona Crescent 
  • NSCI group and Resident informed

Saturday 04 November 2023

15h56 – Armed Response reported a stabbing at a Brooklyn Pub requested ambulance and SAPS assistance for a male about 30 years of age, with multiple stabs wounds.  Patient was under the influence and bleeding profusely Armed Response reported patient was robbed and stabbed in Steyn street park 

  • CoCT contacted ref no 1001800715
  • Armed Response reported ambulance arrived on scene 
  • Armed Response returned to normal duties

Sunday 05 November 2023

05h27 – Armed Response reported while on patrol a gate open at a Donegal Street residence there was water running from the garage area and a dog running around outside

  • Control contacted the Law Enforcement
  • Armed Response made contact with resident and confirms outside tap was stolen 
  • Otherwise all in order
  • Armed Response resumed patrols 




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