Report for Week 4 of November 2023

Weekly Crime Report – 20 November to 26 November 2023

Monday 20 November 2023

11h15 – A Milnerton Business called in to report a break-in and requested Armed Response assistance

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival Armed Response reported a store room was broken into
  • Business owner required SAPS be called
  • SAPS was contacted ref nr 1001819067

19h57 – While on Patrol Armed Response reported a motor vehicle accident in front of Martin Adams Hall two vehicles involved no serious damages no noticeable injuries to report. One driver and a crowd of bystanders were attacking the other driver

  • Armed Response requested SAPS on scene 
  • Control contacted CoCT emergency services ref nr 1001819533 
  • Armed Response reported 20h04 SAPS on scene 

Wednesday 22 November 2023

16h34 – A Brooklyn Tavern requested an ambulance for a lady vagrant lying on the side of the tavern on the grass in a corner the lady cannot stand up or move the ambulance was called for at 09h00 and no ambulance had arrived yet

  • Control Room contacted CoCT emergency services ref nr 1191 who reported incident still in their queue as no ambulances were available 
  • Armed Response dispatched to check on the situation and report 
  • Armed Response reported a very old lady just lying there and could not move
  • Armed Response Officers informed the patient that an ambulance was requested
  • The Tavern owner reported Ambulance came and transported the lady to the hospital 

Friday 24 November 2023

09h30 – Armed Response reported while on patrol a guard requested assistance as he was robbed by five school children all in uniform about 18 years of age

  • Armed Response and guard pursued suspects and arrested two of the suspects
  • Guard requested SAPS 
  • Armed Response and guard waited for SAPS outside premises
  • Guard is from another company and on his way home when he was robbed
  • CoCT emergency contacted ref nr 1001822653
  • Armed Response reported SAPS on scene 
  • SAPS told guard to open and case and took his statement
  • SAPS will take suspects to their school as they are writing exams
  • Armed Response left scene and resumed duties 

10h35 A Lavis Crescent resident contacted Knightowl Control Room requesting Armed Response on site as apparently her ex-husband took keys to her flat from her son and threatened to destroy her flat

  • Armed Response dispatched and checked premises.  Found site gate open.  Unit locked and no answer
  • Nobody else on site
  • Armed Response instructed to check in regularly and monitor

Saturday 25 November 2023

09h18 – Armed Response reported a grass fire on the field on the corner of Lorrimer and Kings Road small fire but windy weather conditions

  • Fire department contacted confirmed fire trucks on their way 
  • The suspect left Lorrimer Street by field pedestrian gate and set the fire and went back in Lorrimer Street via the same gate
  • Fire Dept notified
  • CoCT notified and Law Enforcement informed

Sunday 26 November 2023

19h26 – A Kings Road resident requested Armed Response to remove a suspect laying in front of the premises, he had been stabbed in the hand and was intoxicated and was armed with a knife no SAPS or ambulance needed as per resident just requested that Armed Response remove the suspect

  • Armed Response dispatched and informed of situation
  • Armed response reported on arrival at premises and suspect was no longer there but he did leave his knife behind which Armed Response collected
  • Reported all in order on premises 

22h37 A Lavis Crescent resident contacted Knightowl Control Room requiring Armed Response assistance as her brother broke down the door of her unit due to her ex-boyfriend who took the keys and her sons could not enter premises 

  • Armed Response was sent and requested SAPS
  • Law Enforcement contacted ref 100825816 
  • Armed Response standing down on premises just in case the suspect returns and causes problems
  • Armed Response informed resident if the suspect returns he must contact the control room
  • Armed Response resumed duties  



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