Report for Week 2 of June 2022

Crime and response report 6 June 2022 – 13 June 2022

Tuesday 07 June 2022

17h00 – Client from Linnett Road requested response

• Armed Response dispatched 
• On arrival Armed Response reported a domestic incident and requested the SAPS
• Milnerton saps could not be reached, law enforcement contacted – ref-1001319899.
• Armed response requested back up as the situation was escalating 
• Patrol vehicle, Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 also dispatched 
18h21 – Armed response reported a fire at the same property
• Brooklyn Fire and Rescue dispatched
• Law enforcement was also called and notified.
• Milnerton SAPS still not available 
• Armed response reported fire and rescue on scene.
• Armed response reported the person on scene causing the problem left towards Albow Gardens 
19:20 - Armed response reported saps on scene, handed over to SAPS on arrival

Wednesday 08 June 2022

00h53 – Donegal Street club requested assistance. Noted people on the property by the perimeter wall with torches

• Armed Response dispatched 
• On arrival checked premises but could not locate any suspects and all was reported in order

Thursday 09 June 2022

02H29 – Control Room Received a message reporting a vehicle break-in in Beach Road

• Armed response dispatched.
• Armed response arrival and checked the area. Found a vehicle window smashed outside a premises in Beach Road and also requested SAPS
• Maitland SAPS could not be reached 
• Law enforcement was contacted who confirmed that they will contact Maitland saps. Ref-1001320977.
• Armed response reported speakers were stolen out of vehicle
• SAPS arrived afterwards for further follow-up

22h46 – Control received a message from a client in Koeberg Road requesting a response to the school for a suspicious person seen on the premises

• Armed response dispatched 
On arrival checked the entire premises and all was found to be in order

Monday 13 June 2022

04:44 - Corah Street requested response for a theft out of M/V

• Armed response dispatched 
• On arrival reported a theft out of M/V, both side windows on the drivers side were smashed and a radio was removed
Unable to reach Maitland SAPS contacted Law Enforcement 1001324422 they would contact SAPS and send out a response

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