Report for Week 2 of February 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 05 February to 11 February 2024

Monday 05 February 2024

08h43 – A Bancroft Street resident reported her roller gate is off the rails and a brick was placed between the two gates for entry to the premises.

  • Armed response dispatched
  • Armed response reports a high pressure cleaner was stolen. 
  • SAPS requested

20h12 – A Poole/Da Gama Street resident reported a fire

  • Fire services contacted they confirmed they are already en-route

20h18 - Armed response requested SAPS assistance at a Brooklyn Service station for clients who are refusing to pay for fuel.  Grey Audi 2x male and 1x female occupants.

  • SAPS contacted ref:  1001904907
  • SAPS arrives on scene
  • Armed response reports occupants paid the outstanding amount owed for the fuel

22h56 - Armed Response Officers report a hit and run involving a pedestrian in front of 142 Koeberg Road. 

  • ER24 on scene
  • Patient taken to hospital

Tuesday 06 February 2024

00h40 - Armed Response requested an Ambulance at a Brooklyn Petrol Station for a patient who was assaulted and robbed. Patient bleeding badly.

  • Armed response reports SAPS on scene and they will take patient to hospital as he is critical.

Friday 09 February 2024

01h28 – Armed Response requested SAPS on scene for a Domestic Violence situation at Rugby Residence. A Boyfriend locked his girlfriend in the Unit and left 

  • SAPS Milnerton contacted
  • SAPS arrives on scene and opens for the girlfriend. 
  • Girlfriend borrows a phone for someone to fetch her.
  • SAPS confirm they cannot do anything else and left.
  • Armed response leaves premises and resumes patrols

Saturday 10 February 2024

00h52 – A Bancroft Street resident requested Armed Response assistance for a break in

  • Armed Response arrives on scene and confirms a laptop was stolen.  Entry gained by a gate with a key in it and door was unlocked.
  • CoCT Emergency contacted to request SAPS ref:  1001909484

21h20 – A Dr. Malan Street resident requested Armed Response for her son.  He is being evicted on Monday, and is angry.  Son is highly aggressive and has broken all his things and now he is breaking his mother’s things.

  • Armed response dispatched
  • Armed response arrives on scene and speaks to the son, who leaves, but returns after a few minutes, still highly aggressive.  Armed response requests SAPS assist.
  • CoCT Emergency contacted to request SAPS, with Ref:  1001910481
  • Armed response reports the son has left, but highly probable son will return
  • Armed response leaves site but will monitor

Sunday 11 February 2024

22h36 – A Kings Road resident reported multiple gunshots fired behind her house.

  • Armed response dispatched and checking area
  • Armed response confirms two gunshot victims on field, one male and one female, both deceased.
  • Milnerton SAPS notified, and confirmed en-route
  • 23h20 - Armed response reports no SAPS or services on scene yet.
  • CoCT Emergency contacted to request SAPS.  Ref: 1001911755
  • 23h50 – SAPS Milnerton contacted and spoke to the Captain on duty.  They confirmed they had no transport, but will be on scene in about 20 minutes
  • 12 February 2024 at 01h13 - Armed response reports SAPS arrives on scene
  • Armed response leaves to proceed with other duties



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