Report for Week 1 of June 2024

Weekly Crime Report – 03 June to 09 June 2024

Monday 03 June 2024

05h24 – A MADERIA STREET Break-in reported

  • A Positive break in at a Madeira Street residence was reported via Donegal street, garage door was damaged, nothing was taken
  • Milnerton SAPS did not answer phone; Law Enforcement was contacted ref no. 1002036070
  • Armed Response dispatched to take a statement and assess damages

09h16 – A Kings Road business reported a stabbing

  • 1 male victim robbed and stabbed on his way to work.
  • Ambulance and SAPS contacted.
  • Armed Response on scene awaiting medical services
  • Armed Response reported bystanders took the man to the fire station to be assisted with injuries. 
  • Armed Response resumed normal patrols.                                                                 

Friday 07 June 2024

02h17 – While on patrol Armed Response reported a damaged electric fence

  • While doing a check Armed Response noticed that a pole was damaged at a local business could not verify if anything missing.
  • No Entry or Exit noted
  • No movement noted
  • Resident was informed
  • Full patrol done damage was found on the perimeter fencing and same damage on the storage containers. No entry was gained to containers neither was anything stolen. Manager to follow up later this morning.

Saturday 08 June 2024

05h17 – Palm Springs requested assistance with domestic physical altercation.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • On arrival Armed Response found a boyfriend had assaulted his girlfriend. Seems it’s not the first time
  • Law Enforcement was contacted by controller. Law enforcement operator did confirm that SAPS couldn’t be reached and that the victim will need to go in to the police station if she wants to press charges. Ref-was given to Armed Response to given to the victim.
  • Armed Response resumes patrols



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