Report for Week 3 of April 2023

Weekly Crime Stats 17 April to 23 April 2023

Monday 17 April 2023

01h29 – A Plettenberg Street Resident reported 3 suspicious males standing at corner house. One put a bicycle over the wall, then all three climbed over the wall. 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported all in order
  • NSCI Brooklyn group notified

Tuesday 18 April 2023

08h48 – A Daisy Circle resident requested Armed Response for a homeless male across the street half naked, acting strange and rubbing items onto his body.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported person was removed with assistance from a male neighbor

08h59 – A Daisy Circle resident requested Armed Response for two homeless males fighting in front of a property in Daisy Circle

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • The resident reported a male neighbor removed the two persons
  • Armed Response was notified and recalled

13h50 – An ER Syfrets resident reported a female suspect entered the premises, grabbed an iPhone and ran out.  A resident pursued the suspect into a block of flats

  • Armed Response dispatched with suspect’s description
  • Owner of phone went to Milnerton SAPS to open a case, and requested if we could assist with tracking the phone
  • Control room Operator notifies a Technician who attempts tracking, but notes tracking on the phone was not activated so it could not be tracked
  • Client notified as such, and advised to go on the Apple website and lock the phone via the website

22h34 – Control Room Operator spotted smoke coming from under a bridge near the tracks

  • Armed Response dispatched to investigate
  • Armed Response reported a positive fire and fire services already on scene

Wednesday 19 April 2023

01h09 – A Brooklyn complex resident reported a suspicious person trying to jump over the wall into the complex

  • Armed Response dispatched 
  • Reported all round check done
  • No suspicious persons noted in area

08h58 – A Princess Alice requests Armed Response for a suspicious male sitting in front of her neighbor's yard

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported the person is waiting for their boss 
  • All in order

09h11 – A Rugby business requested Armed Response to stand by near their reception area on site, as an angry ex-employee is with them in their reception area

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response spoke to the receptionist 
  • Confirmed all in order

14h25 – A Daisy Circle resident requested Armed Response to check as he is smelling smoke in the area

  • Armed Response dispatched to investigate
  • Armed Response reported a positive fire on a field behind the hospital 
  • Fire Services are on scene
  • Resident was notified

Thursday 20 April 2023

11h50 – A Plover Street resident requested Armed Response as they heard multiple gunshots in the vicinity 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Control contacted CoCT Emergency, spoke to controller Ref:  1001607304. SAPS and Metro Police notified
  • Armed Response reported area checked
  • All seems in order

14h11 – An Avondrus Street resident reported a suspicious male and two females in park, going behind a house wall. 

  • Resident was notified
  • NSCI Brooklyn group notified
  • Resident investigates and reports they were drug addicts wanting to do drugs there.  He removed them from the park

15h05 – A Brooklyn Garage requested Armed Response 

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Cashier notifies control that a yellow vehicle was on site. Passengers entered shop and opened drinks and food items, and ate and drank from the items.  On wanting to pay, their card was declined.  They said they will draw money at the ATM around the corner, but got in the car and left.  Description and registration given
  • Armed Response given description and registration of vehicle, as well as incident details
  • On arrival at the garage, Armed Response noted the vehicle had returned, and persons were paying for the items
  • Controller contacts the cashier to make sure if all items were paid for, and if all was now in order
  • Cashier confirmed all in order

18h50 – Armed Response reported a Main Gate open at a Shaddock Street residence 

  • Controller contacted the resident, who confirms that gate was closed and locked and suggested the wind may have blown the gate open
  • Armed Response entered the premises and did a full check.  Found all in order
  • Armed Response locked the gate 
  • Informed Resident all in order

23h26 –A Da Gama Street resident reported a suspicious male in the area.  He looked around, then entered the house on the corner

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response arrived, and conducted a search of premises with the owner
  • No suspicious persons found on premises. 
  • All in order Armed Response returned to patrols

Saturday 22 April 2023

01h45 – A Koeberg Road resident requested Armed Response as she heard someone at her gate then heard voices

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response Officers checked premise and surrounding area and found nothing suspicious
  • Notified the resident 

22h11 – A Kings Road contacted Control requesting assistance to get an ambulance for a lady that stays with her.

  • Patient is about 30 years old, weak, collapsed to floor, can’t move and not eating or drinking
  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency Services Ref: 1001609561.  Confirms ambulance notified, but will take a while as they are very busy
  • Resident notified, and told to notify Control if and when ambulance arrives, or patient’s condition changes or worsens
  • 23h01 – The resident contacted Control to report patient is now clutching her chest, and breathing has become shallow.
  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency Services who confirmed ambulance is logged but still busy.  Control requests incident to be escalated to priority.
  • Resident notified
  • Sunday 03h45 – Resident informed Control that the ambulance is still not on scene.
  • Control contacts CoCT Emergency Services again and was told the ambulance was on scene about 02h00 but nobody was on scene so they left.  Control informed them the resident confirmed no ambulance was on scene and requested them to rebook another ambulance.  CoCT confirms they will contact the resident and get further details.
  • Sunday 04h52 – Client informed with Controller no ambulance on scene yet.
  • Controller contacts CoCT Emergency services again Ref: 1001609780.  Confirms ambulance booked
  • Sunday 05h31 – Resident informed Control ambulance has arrived on scene.  Patient taken to the hospital

Sunday 23 April 2023

01h36 – A Kings Road resident requests Armed Response on scene as there was a suspicious young male on premises wanting to come into the house

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response arrived on scene checked the premises and surrounding area. 
  • All seems to be in order
  • Resident notified

10h04 – A Plover Street resident request Armed Response and reported 2 males burning what seems to be copper wires near the bridge.  They then walked towards Shaddock street

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Response Officers checked the area and did not see the mentioned suspects. 
  • Reports all in order in area resuming patrols

17h45 – Control Room Operators hear an explosion in the area

  • Armed Response dispatched to investigate and look for any signs of smoke or the explosion source
  • A Plover Street resident contacts Control to report the explosion controllers informed the resident that the incident is being investigated
  • Armed Response reports smoke definitely coming from Paarden Island
  • Control contacts the Fire Department who confirms fire services have been deployed
  • Control notifies NSCI group

20h55 – A Albow Road resident contacts Control to request if we can assist in looking for her son.  Son left home earlier without his keys and said he will be back shortly. He never stays out late and is slightly autistic.  Photo with description provided. Control advises client to open a missing persons case with SAPS

  • Control posted a BOLO 
  • Control contacts Milnerton SAPS they said they will send a vehicle
  • Resident notified
  • 21h54 – Resident notifies Control no SAPS on scene yet.
  • Control posts a BOLO on Security Group
  • Resident confirms SAPS arrived and they said they will check known areas that missing persons might be
  • Armed Response confirms still no sight of missing person
  • 24 /04 The missing person has been found and is safely back at home




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