Report for Week 1 of February 2023

Weekly Crime Stats 30 January 2023 to 05 February 2023

Monday 30 January 2023

18H46 –A ER Syfrets resident requested Armed Response due to a commotion coming from A Roome Street residence

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported female and male arguing with children in the house, the male wanted to see his children but the female didn’t want him to because he left since August 2022.
  • Armed Response and Control Room Operator advised male to leave the premises or he could be arrested for trespassing, he was hesitant at first but control operator managed to persuade him to vacate the premises
  • Female was advised to get a court interdict against the male.

Tuesday 31 January 2023

17H05 – A Frank Robb resident requested Armed response due to her boyfriend abusing her.

  • Armed Response arrived on scene and boyfriend had already left.

Thursday 02 February 2023

04H30 – A Frank Robb resident again requested Armed response

  • Armed Response arrived and removed boyfriend from the premises

06H48 – An Epping Street resident requested Armed response and SAPS to be contacted due to his tenants fighting

  • Armed Response arrived and reported 2 males fighting and SAPS required to resolve issue but has managed to break down altercation.
  • Law Enforcement contacted and spoke to Michelle and confirmed SAPS and Metro Police has been radioed Ref numbers:
  • SAPS – 98507
  • Metro Police – 1001530467

Friday 03 February 2023

01H34 –A Panic signal was received from Palm Springs

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported a tenant brought a female to the premises and before they entered the female started shouting and caused a scene outside.
  • Tenant confirmed the female was not allowed to enter but he brought her to the premises.
  • Another tenant came out and assisted the female for the night.

16H13 – A Ceres Street resident requested extra patrols due to her neighbor robbed at gun point in their premises of their TV’s and cell phones 3 suspects

Saturday 04 February 2023

07H42 – A Princess Alice Avenue resident requested response due to her tenant demanding his rent back for January, when she refused he started smashing things in the garage.

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response reported tenant is asleep and didn’t want to wake him up due to him being intoxicated.

12H04 – The resident contacted Control room and said she fear her tenant might’ve committed suicide because his roommate confirmed he took a lot of pills the morning before he fell asleep.

  • Armed Response dispatched, it was discovered that the pills taken are where a sedative and vitamins
  • 10177 contacted and confirmed Wesley should be fine just to check up on him later.

16H40 – Armed Response reported 3 males with pepper gun fired blanks at pedestrians, suspects in Boundary Road moving towards Rugby.

  • SAPS contacted and confirmed van will be sent out to investigate

Sunday 05 February 2023

05H28 – Armed Response reported male was hit with a gun on his face now is bleeding and Nu Era ambulance requested

  • Law Enforcement was contacted and spoke to Yemna and confirmed ambulance will be sent to 2 Oceans ref no: 1001533807.





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