Report for Week 4 of January 2022

Week 4

21- 31 January 2022

These are some of the services we offer in your area

24 hour alarm monitoring and armed response

- Alarm / panic response

- Meet and greet

- Special attention

24 hour control room for any queries

- Dumping

- Service request or responses

24 hour patrol service

- When you are at work and concerned about a family member call us to go out and check

24 hour CCTV offsite monitoring

- Have your property covered 247 with camera triggering events should someone try to enter your home or business

Technical services

- Alarm installations

- CCTV installations

- Access Control (biometric door entry / strike or magnetic locking solutions)

- Electric fencing

- Intercom and other IT services

- Networking and access points to extend your wifi range

- Network hubs

We also do wireless point to point CCTV / building to building solutions


0812494225 (Control Room Whatsapp)

Below are some of the incidents that our Control Room was notified for and a vehicle was dispatched to investigate

Monday 24 January 2022

20h10 – Kings Road requested assistance.

- Armed Response dispatched.

- On arrival the armed response confronted a guy shouting at another client in Kings Road. The guy ran away on arrival of the armed response.

Tuesday 25 January 2022

08h32 – Koeberg Road reported a well-dressed, Charlie male had stolen food. He went into the direction of Milnerton.

- Armed response arrived and received a pic of the suspect. Escalated to the Control Room and patrol vehicles for record purposes and further follow-up

Friday 28 January 2022

08h31 – Ryk Road requested extra patrols for random vehicles that are parked in the Street.

- Armed response reported they had spoken to one of the owners of the vehicle and were told that there is no other place to park and the vehicles will be moved by 10h00.

17h55 – Armed response reported a robbery took place at Dawood Tuck Shop ( non-client) in Claredon Crescent. The owner reported the following;

- White Vehicle was seen earlier circling in the vicinity and the occupants looked suspicious. When the white vehicle came back they entered the store and left with an undisclosed amount of Cigarettes and money that was in the cash register. After a brick was thrown at the suspect vehicle it was reported that a single round was fired in the direction of the shop. No casing was found

19h03 – Armed response dispatched to Koeberg Road for assistance with intoxicated people

19h12 – Armed response reported 2x Drunk females removed from premises.

Saturday 29 January 2022

17h11 – Koeberg Road requested assistance with 2 bravo males about to fight. Armed response dispatched

17h15 – Armed response reported 2x males about to fight over R100. Both left on arrival of the armed response

Sunday 30 January 2022

03h55 – Fontana Street requested patrol for noise disturbance. Armed response dispatched. A C3 was logged for noise disturbance REF 9112156415 1x Mentally disturbed person making a noise.

16h50 – Madeira Street requested a patrol for a guy seen with freshly cut copper pipes

Armed Response reported he is a bit aggressive but he had nothing on him when searched. The Copper he had must’ve been hidden away.


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