Report for Week 1 of July 2023

Weekly Crime Report 26 June to 02 July 2023

Monday 26 June 2023

20h35 – A Rugby NHW member reported an alarm on a premises on the corner of Madeira and Koeberg Roads next to a Business Premises.  Armed Response informed to check premises front while control made contact with the resident and he checked premises with Armed Response confirms all in order reported by Armed Response

Thursday 29 June 2023

11h42 – Armed Response Officers while on patrol reported in requesting control room contacts the Electricity Department to inform them in front of a Palmetto street residence on an electric pole the wire has been cut and sparks where coming from pole and this was concerning as there were children are playing nearby.

Control contacted electricity and also contacted Fire & Rescue REF # 1001674319 to inform them

Friday 30 June 2023

12h05 – A Koeberg Road business requested assistance for a shoplifter caught in the shop

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response requested SAPS assistance suspect on scene was trying to steal a cellphone
  • SAPS Milnerton was contacted and informed

12h39 – A Brooklyn Resident reported meat being cut and package openly on the pavement behind McDonalds

  • CoCT contacted to send law enforcement ref # 1001675150
  • NSCI group notified 
  • Armed Response Officers on site they instructed person to clean up and move which they did. Armed Response reports all in order
  • NSCI group informed

Sunday 02 July 2023

01h15 – Armed Response reported a car has hit an electricity pole out of the ground near a petrol station in Koeberg Road wires are all over the road and cars are driving over them

01h17 – Fire and Rescue contacted

01h24 – Electricity department contacted. Spoke to REF-9115106413. 

09h19 – A Justin Street resident requested Armed Response for a suspicious vehicle parked outside his premises

  • Armed Response dispatched.
  • Armed Response reported a Silver Hyunda. Armed Response spoke to the driver who reported his vehicles battery is flat and he is waiting for his brother to come and assist him to start the vehicle. 
  • Armed Response noted and will patrol past again
  • Armed Response reported he sees him then a few minutes later doing something under the hood of the vehicle then gets in the car and drives off. 
  • Armed Response note this as suspicious behavior and will keep a lookout regarding this vehicle. The Reporting resident was notified 




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