Report for Week 1 of January 2024

Weekly Crime Report - 01 January to 07 January 2024

Monday 01 January 2024

00h01 – A Brooklyn complex resident requested Armed Response assistance

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Contacted shift senior who was shouting and panicking, so could not make out what is going on Armed Response notified
  • Armed Response reported, multiple residents and their children shooting off fireworks, the refuse to stop
  • Security instructed to note the numbers of suspects and report them to management
  • CoCT emergency contacted ref no 1001865559, confirmed only management at complex can sort out the issue
  • Complex shift senior notified

00h02 – Armed Response reported in-route to Complex – near Engen garage pedestrians throwing large fireworks into street and at the Armed Response Vehicle

  • CoCT emergency contacted spoke to ref no 1001865557
  • Armed Response checked vehicle their vehicle no notable damage caused
  • Management informed

02h53 – Armed Response reported while attending a request for assistance at a Koeberg Road residence they had to park in front of another Koeberg Road resident’s driveway as the entire road was fully parked. 

  • While checking premises, at the Koeberg Road resident that another resident requested Armed Response remove a taxi full of youths who were making a noise and fighting in front of his premises, on investigation Armed Response reports someone took the taxi keys and now they fighting
  • While attending to the resident complaint another Koeberg Road resident came out and verbally abused and swore at the Armed Response officers for parking in front of his driveway 
  • Armed Response retrieved the keys and the taxi drove off
  • Armed Response also calmed the situation with the resident who was aggressive
  • A male from another residence also joined in to verbally abuse and swear at Armed Response officers
  • Armed Response clears the situation and leave premises
  • Armed Response reports SAPS pulled her over to discuss the incident with the Koeberg Road residents
  • SAPS collect required information and confirms they will be on the lookout for the taxi

Friday 05 January 2024

09h20 – A Princess Alice Avenue resident requested Armed Response for people making a noise and causing a commotion outside their premises

  • Alpha 2 dispatched
  • Alpha 2 reported all in order did note a couple of people making a noise and walking down the road
  • Site check all in order

09h32 – A Chamois Street resident requested Armed Response assistance at a Palmetto Street residence, apparently multiple suspects attacking an elderly lady 

  • Armed Response and Alpha 2 dispatched
  • Alpha 2 reported situation resolved all parties spoke to Armed Response will monitor situation 
  • Reporting resident was informed 

Saturday 06 January 2024

12h29 – A Donegal Street resident requested an ambulance on scene for two males victims who are standing outside his gate bleeding they said were robbed and requested assistance

  • Armed Response dispatched
  • Armed Response on site assessed patients
  • Two male victims 14 and 30 years old multiple stab wounds to the head, arms and neck
  • The 30-year-old male have stab wounds in his abdomen Armed Response stabilized the patients and stopped the bleeding 
  • Requested urgent ambulance on site as the patients semi-conscious and bleeding heavily
  • CoCT emergency contacted for an ambulance and SAPS ref no 1001871743 confirms ambulance is very busy and unsure of ETA
  • Contacted fire department for assistance with patients who confirmed no vehicle available 
  • Armed Response reported at 13h32 SAPS on scene taking stable patient to Du Noon clinic, other patient to unstable and need ambulance to transport
  • Armed Response reported 13h47 Ambulance GPB489G on scene and handed patient over to them
  • Armed Response reported 14 years old has been taken by SAPS to Du Noon clinic and the 30-year-old male has been taken to Somerset Hospital via ambulance
  • Controllers contacted the 30-year old’s mother and informed her of incident
  • Armed Response clears scene and proceeds with duties

Sunday 07 January 2024

06h50 – B1 reports noted large smoke cloud in Brooklyn area, on investigation found a wooden shack on fire in Vasco Park

  • Armed Response notices explosions as well, confirms nobody in structure and no injuries
  • Brooklyn Fire department contacted and confirm already on-route
  • Armed Response reports fire department on scene 
  • NSCI group informed
  • Armed Response reports a gentleman help her with evacuation and crowd control
  • Gentlemen then noted his green bag missing
  • A resident had taken video of the fire and incident 
  • Armed Response will check and follow up on missing bag 




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