Report for Week 3 of September 2022

Crime and Response Report 11 September to 18 September 


Sunday 11 September 2022

18h29 - Frank Robb resident requested armed response for domestic violence on premises    

  • Armed response was dispatched 

Monday 12 September 2022

18h13 – Alpha 2 Reported Ysterplaat street needed help with an emergency

  • Armed response was dispatched
  • Armed Response arrived and requested SAPS. Due to client complaining about boyfriend whom she has a restraining order against
  • Contacted SAPS and spoke to Constable Max 
  • Armed response confirmed SAPS on scene and client left with SAPS to lay a charge against boyfriend

Tuesday 13 September 2022

14h52 – Armed Response Required SAPS Positive break in Lavis Crescent, Ysterplaat, 

  • Sap Milnerton no answer
  • Law Enforcement:  Lovellen Ref Nr 1001396152
  • Owner was on scene with Armed Response
  • A TV was taken, owner replaced the lock with a new lock as locked was forced open

Wednesday 14 September 2022

07h10 – Control Room spotted a person on camera in the front of the Portuguese Club, caretaker was notified          

  • Armed Response was dispatched to investigate confirmed all in order 
  • Caretaker notified the control room he was on premises did see the armed response

15h25 –A Tulbach Street resident sent a message and picture of a white Porshe CAA 56023 2 males fooling around with the school children at Buren High School   

  • Armed Response was informed

Thursday 15 September 2022

12h56 – Dreyer Road resident sent message about children throwing stone at her house they left and were on their way towards the Portuguese Club

  • Alpha one was sent to investigate and spotted the kids 

Friday 16 September 2022

11h41 – Curley Street requested armed response her neighbors house was broken into.

  • Armed Response was dispatched 
  • Armed response reported when he arrived the car has already driven off it was reported to him that four black males driving a black Cleo Reg #783 802 drove away.
  • SAPS was contacted and was on scene

Saturday 17 September 2022

02h17 -  A lady phone required assistance to collect her belongs at Plover street as she has been thrown out of the house

  • Armed Response was sent to standby
  • Law Enforcement: Yumna 1001398839 was informed

11h50 – Armed Response reported domestic violence at Van der Stel Street and requested SAPS

  • SAPS contacted and spoke to Sergeant Mfakadelo

17h44 – A resident sent a message requiring armed response on the corner of Kettley and Koeberg, for a fight.

  • Armed response was dispatched reported all in order people had left

18h49 – A resident called the control room to request armed response as he was being threatened 

  • Armed response was dispatched
  • Law Enforcement: Nolu 1001399560 informed
  • Armed response reported all in order on premises perpetrator was no longer at the residence 

Sunday 18 September 2022

19H06 –A Forridon resident sent message about people fighting outside 

  • Armed response was dispatched
  • Response officer reported men standing and sitting in a vehicle drinking and talking loudly 
  • Armed Response informed them to keep the noise down all in order

22h09 –A Santos Street resident phoned control room he required armed response as he saw some people pushing a white bakkie with a canopy down the street 

  • Armed Response was dispatched
  • Response officer reported street clear and no sign of people or bakkie
  • Resident phoned to report false alarm bakkie belongs to the neighbor they pushed it onto his property. 
  • The resident reported he saw armed response and is very impressed with our response time and said “WELL DONE”



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